Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend Away / Open TrackBacks

As I mentioned yesterday (Saturday), the Wife and I are away this weekend. So I've not had the opportunity to be online very much at all. TeaFizz and Alabama Improper sent their questions back early and in time to have the interviews pre-posted to appear on schedule this weekend, and I thank them for that.

My Big Sister (who's 5'4'') mentioned about one of the things going on this weekend ... and it involved her. Actually her husband. Who I've known longer than she's known, by the way. And I'll be talking about that later in the week. But there's something else that's gone on that didn't involve her or any of the family ... and that's coming up ... with pictures ... this week too.

Speaking of My Big Sister (who's 5'4'') ... she's agreed to help out with the interviews (I was unable to get a confirmation for one blogger and asked her to be a last-minute fill-in).

The other interview that's closing today is one I'm really excited about. Laurence Simon (Is Full Of Crap) has ... for some reason ... agreed to an interview.

I'm going to be over at my Big Sister's house later today ... using her high-speed Internet connection to do my Wide Awakes Radio broadcast. That's from 3:00 - 4:30 PM ET. She has not agreed to be on the radio show. Nor has her husband ... who can certainly spin a yarn. But I'll be there.


  1. Thespis Journal Exclusive Essay: On the Brink of World War III...

    Many voices in the elite, intellectual venues of power in the major media circles of New York City and Washington DC are trapped by the limits of a narrow view of history. If these frothy thinkers had been in charge in 1941, they would have wanted to p...

  2. Singing Memory...

    I was just thinking about the time when a friend and I went to see a band that she was good friends with. They were playing in some bar waaaaay out in the boonies in a small town in Indiana. When we got there we discovered that they had been mistaken...

  3. What? Big Sister's connection is faster than yours? What, don't tell me you still have dialup! :)

  4. No, it's just that I'm traveling this weekend, and she has high-speed access ... and I'm taking advantage of that. We were supposed to have left her place already ... but we're sticking around for the show.

  5. Dastardly Discovery Distortions...

    The Media Research Center recently sent a ‘heads up’ notice regarding the Discovery Channel’s two hour special, Global Warming: What You Need To Know, which airs tonight, Sunday at 9 pm E/P.


  6. Hey, Basil... If you likes Pirates 1, you may also like Johnny Depp in "Neverland." Very much a quieter movie, but excellent for characterization and imagination. I really enjoyed it (as did the Beloved Husband), and we were both in sad-but-happy tears at the end.

    VERY good movie!

    Thanks again for the very gracious introduction for "Sunday Thoughts" - truly, you are a prince among men (so sorry, the kingship is reserved for my Beloved Hubby and darling Dad! LOL)

    Best blessings, and safe return travel this afternoon.

    -- Kat

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  9. Dragon Earth: Chapter

    Temporal Probes

    You know the scene, a globe of aluminum and plastic dweomered up to look like wood and iron appears out of nowhere in a forest glen. Followed by a ramp being extruded and a portal dilating open. Brave Doctor Professor and crew are out ...

  10. MarineS cool Off...

    Just in case you forgot to thank a soldier today.
    Or to hit your knees and pray for one.
    OBSERVATION POST OMAR, Iraq ... Sleeping inside a vast refrigerator definitely has its advantages in Iraq, especially when the summer sun pushes daily temps toward...

  11. OK. I am now waking up properly, and I see I was trying to "speak" like Gollum... *sigh*

    "If you LIKED Pirates 1...."

    Oh, and it's not "Neverland," it's "FINDING Neverland."

    Must. Not. Comment. Unless. AWAKE! LOLOL

    -- Kat


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