Thursday, July 13, 2006

Headline News 2006-07-13

From KGTV:
DMV instructor killed giving driving test
Student rescheduled, passes without second test

From KOAT:
Early-morning lights mystery solved
Thing in sky labeled "the sun"

From CNN:
Bush, Merkel look to better ties
Ones they got for Fathers' Day to be returned

From CNN:
Killer who dropped appeals is executed
Everybody happy

From CNN:
EU slaps Microsoft with $357 million fine
Gates to work 30 extra minutes to earn money to pay fine

From CNN:
Microsoft's Office 2007 hits snag
Free Open Office suite still compatible, Office to be reworked

From CNN:
Dell probes exploding laptop incident
Alternate plan, sell to al Qaeda

From CNN:
Fanged killer kangaroo roamed Outback
Not allowed at Applebee's or Ruby Tuesday

From CNN:
Did mammoths tell blond jokes?
Scientists question Ray Ramone

From CNN:
Single-dose cocktail OK'd for U.S. HIV patients
Not same cock tail that got them infected to start with

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