Monday, July 24, 2006

Help Me Get A "Basil Night" At The Catfish Game

Go Catfish!Yeah, I got a feeling the Columbus Catfish might not like this. But help me out with this anyway, if you would.

Okay, you know I'm a season ticket holder at the Catfish. Have been since they became the Catfish. Which hasn't been that long, sure, but none of the people in the Catfish front office have been here that long, either. So there.

Anyway, the Columbus Catfish are having a promotion where they're going to name a night after a fan. Here's the deal:

The Columbus Catfish are giving fans a chance to win their very own promotional night. August 25th has been deemed "Insert Your Name Here" Night. Fans can win the honor by explaining, in 100 words or less, why they deserve to have a night dedicated in their honor.

The evening will be dedicated specifically to the winner and feature many prizes and special perks. The winner will be presented with their own personalized Catfish batting practice jersey and Catfish cap. The winner will also get the chance to select the music played between innings, be a part of the on-field entertainment, be a guest groundskeeper during the infield drag and throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Entry forms are available in Catfish souvenir programs and in the souvenir store. Entries will be accepted through August 13th.

Now, a couple of thing. Nowhere do they say anything about taking submissions via email. In fact, it says "forms are available in Catfish souvenir programs and in the souvenir store." Which seems to say "not via email" ... or at least that's how I read it.

But I wouldn't dream of asking you to walk, drive, fly, have Scotty beam you over or whatever to Columbus GA just to fill out a form for me. Instead, I'm asking you to send them an email telling them in 100 words or less why they should have a Basil Night.

Yeah, it doesn't say anything about accepting emails. Still, who's up for a gag? I know blog-son Lyn Perry is all up for an email gag. Right, Lyn? So, Lyn, and everyone else, I'm asking you to mobilize your Email Army and tell the Columbus Catfish why August 25th should be "Basil Night" at the Catfish game. Just use 100 words or less.

If you want to get really fancy, print this out, fill it out, and mail it in to:

Columbus Catfish
P.O. Box 2744
Columbus, GA 31902

Do this for me, and if I'm selected, I'll buy your ticket to the game that night if you voted for me. Plus a hot dog and a drink. It's a Friday. And there's Fireworks. Should be fun.

Unless the Catfish front office doesn't have a sense of humor and bans me. But, hey, that could be fun too. We'll just have a barbeque in the parking lot. Or on the Riverwalk.

Brad thought it was funny. At first. Not so now. Anyway, thanks. More here.

Even more here.

Heck, if you're up for a gag, bombard the Catfish office with emails or letters telling them why they should have a Basil Night. Let me know about it, and a ticket, hot dog, & Pepsi at that game is on me when you show up.


  1. Bah. I'm too far away to go to the game. But I'll do the email anyway, mainly because I'm always up for a good gag.

  2. Sounds like a plan to me! hehe

  3. [...] So here’s what I think we all ought to do (and by “we” I mean YOU because I already did it). Head over to Basil’s Blog and send an email (or a printed form - he has one all ready for printing) to the Columbus Catfish explaining (in 100 words or less) why Basil should be the Fan at Columbus Catfish Fan night. [...]

  4. Yak: I appreciate this.

    Linda: Thanks!

  5. Basil Night at the Catfish...

    Hometown baseball fan Basil, of Basil's Blog, writes up nearly every single game that the Columbus Catfish play. He must do this for love of the game because Sally League teams just don't have the cash flow for this kind of advertising. It's loy...

  6. Catfish is basil...

    basil, you know who basil is..
    well here ya go …………
    “The Columbus Catfish are giving fans a chance to win their very own promotional night. August 25th has been deemed “Insert ...

  7. [...] Basil needs a little help. He is a baseball fan. More specifcally, he goes to every Columbus Catfish game that he can. The Catfish are sponsoring a contest. The winner will have a promotional night named after him. Please help him out. He says he will either be banned as a result of the e-mail campaign he’s proposing or will win. Take him, please! To the ballgame of course! [...]

  8. Basil Needs Our Help!...

    Come on! It will be fun! I think I might make up a top ten reasons why Basil should have a game night named after him.



    I think it will be fun as well, go Basil you're the man.

  10. [...] For those just tuning in: basil of basil’s blog is a big fan of Catfish baseball. The Catfish recently decided to hold a special “fan night” at the stadium, with “many great prizes and surprises” for and dedicated to a certain special fan - identity to be determined by a write-in contest. The prompt: “tell us, in 100 words or less, why you deserve to have a night in your honor.” Like any rabid fan seeking a name night at a baseball park, basil immediately put out the word and sought the help of his friends across the web. Always one to get in on a good gag, I sent my e-mail immediately and also put out the word here at the Yak. Pet and a few others around the ‘net also joined in the mayhem, and for one beautiful evening we all ran amok. [...]

  11. catfish2...

    basil is a catfish baseball fan…
    or well some thing like that
    The Yak is doing superior writing wring and explanations.
    Cousin red is standing by with more whoop a can
    and life is good if ya EMAIL FOR basil
    Brad hubson of they dint have f...

  12. a sad plea from a lonely man. A sad comentary on the baby boomer generation. don't vent the mid-life crisis on the local baseball team


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