Thursday, July 20, 2006

Headline News 2006-07-20

From The Daily Mail:
Third of male fish in rivers are changing sex
Rush before votes ban

From WLS:
Virgin on track to begin passenger space flights
Heard there are no dragons in space

From ABC News:
Bush to NAACP: 'Racism Still Lingers in America'
Currently in the Democratic party

From ABC News:
Airline Scraps Online 'Hoffa' Game
Other passengers complained the Italians always won

From ABC News:
Australian Motorist Plays Dead for Car Help
Plan worked right up until autopsy

From ABC News:
Consonant-Loving Thief Takes Rs From Signs
Man a ested, cha ged with obbe y

From ABC News:
Police: Wash. Fire Set to Hide Killings
Killer surprised when everyone showed up, found bodies anyway

From ABC News:
Company, researchers to crack Neanderthal DNA code
Using DNA obtained from Gitmo detainees

From ABC News:
Bigfoot Researcher Sues Over Keepsakes
Wants pictures back from Loch Ness Monster

From ABC News:
Cartoon Network Develops Online Game
Calls game "Figure Out Our Programming Schedule"

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