Sunday, July 9, 2006


Basil at WARWide Awakes Radio (WAR) is scheduled to relaunch today. Last week, on the Fourth of July, it launched and got so much traffic, it crashed. I don't mean a DDOS-initiated crash. I'm talking so many people were actuallyon the site that the server couldn't handle it.

Now, part of the problem wasn't the number of people. It was that the server wasn't set up to handle that many people. Kender (known as Boss-Man to the WAR crew) said that a dedicated server would be in this weekend.

Now, if you've never been involved in launching a server (most people haven't, so don't feel bad) it's not an easy process. Basically, it's a computer with all the bells and whistles turned off ... unless they are absolutely needed. Actually, that's not the server. The server is the software, not the hardware. But, without the hardware (the computer) the server is nothing.

Anyway, launching a server involves setting up the hardware on the network. And it's a lot more complicated than plugging it into the wall and plugging in a network cable. And it's a lot more complicated than hitting "Install" on a Windows or Linux icon.

Plus, with all the extra stuff involved in trying to this radio thing. You see, that's not a standard setup.

So, setting up a server isn't something that you do in one day.

But, bless his heart, Kender has given it a try.

Well, they didn't launch on schedule this morning. But they're still at it.

Will they launch today? I don't know. They're trying. And we'll be ready here, just in case they do.

As it stands now, we're scheduled to go on the air at 4:00 - 5:00 PM (Eastern) today. Normal schedule is 3:00 - 4:30 PM on Sundays. But, today's not normal.

And we're not sure if today will go on at all.

But, we're giving it a try.

UPDATE: It's 4:00 PM EDT, which is 3:00 PM CDT, which is 2:00 CST, which is 3:00 EST. And WAR isn't quite ready.

Kender and Krew are still working on the server, trying to get everything ready for launch. We're standing by.

UPDATE: It's after 6:30 Eastern (you do the math for the rest) and still no Wide Awakes Radio. Not sure if they will be up tonight or not.

They did ask for 30-minute podcasts from us, and expect to be posting those ... well, anytime now. I did a 15-minute one. I figured that's the limit of human endurance. Anyway, I'm working on getting it to them to post. So, while I'm not on WAR today, maybe I'll be there in pod form.

Hey, I'll be a pod person. You're next. YOU'RE NEXT.*

UPDATE: Okay, there's a podcast sitting over there at Wide Awaked Radio. Actually, multiple ones. But one's mine. You have been warned.


  1. Expecting WAR at Any Time...

    As reported in this post, the debut of W.A.R. (Wide Awake Radio) was overwhelmed with listeners. So much so that it crashed the server....

  2. WAR Update...

    It’s 9pm ET and WAR had hoped to be on the air by now after the initial shock and awe to the servers on July 4th, but it’s still trying to work out a few kinks in the system.
    From the Wide Awakes Radio site:
    We have a small problem with the...

  3. Basil Honey, I have to admit.... I am about 2.5 minutes into your podcast - and you sound fabulous!!

    I am going to go re-fresh my cocktail and finish listening. :) What a perfect way to end the night. Thanks for the update and the link.

  4. WOOHOOO basil! Just listened to your podcast. EXCELLENT. And thanks for mentioning yours truly. I will most definitely make WAR a daily visit, well, at least when you are on the air.

  5. W.A.R. Still Off...

    The Wide Awakes Radio is still down, sort of. But in place of the radio broadcast (while they are installing a new server) they are airing podcasts. Check out basil's podcast. EXCELLENT and congratulations basil on a job well done!!! And thanks for m....


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