Monday, July 10, 2006

Celebrating Rape

During Monday morning's Picnic post, where I list some items of interest I find while perusing my blogroll, I linked to a post that Scott over at Pros & Cons penned.

His post was entitled "Merry Christmas to the Left."

In my little blurb about the post, I wrote

Pros & Cons says the left celebrates rape.

Scott didn't like my characterization of his piece. And wrote me about it.


I appreciate the link. However, I think characterizing the post as "the Left celebrates rape" is quite a stretch. My point is not that they celebrate the rape ... I wouldn't suggest that even the most ardent anti-military war detractors celebrate rape. The point is that the rape and murder, as horrible as it is, is ammunition for the anti-war folks to argue to bring our troops home, that we're not making things better over there ... an argument they have been making since the inception of the war, all evidence to the contrary.

Though I disagree with the anti-war folks on policy grounds, I would not attribute such monstrous inclinations to them as celebrating rape.

So I added to the blub, changing it to say

Pros & Cons says the left celebrates rape. Or the reports of rape.

But that wasn't satisfactory. He penned a follow-up piece entitled Celebrating Rape? A Clarification

I hate to think that my little blurb gave him such heartburn. And I certainly wasn't trying to put words in his mouth. But, I think my blurb was correct. Not that Scott said it. But that for the left ... or for much of the vocal left ... it's true.

Scott wrote

To be clear: no human being celebrates rape, from the Left or the Right. Nobody.

Well, I actually disagree with him. Now I don't think the left in America celebrates rape. But reports of such activity of American troops ... whether true or not ... seems to bring joy to many of the vocal radical left.

Think about it. Can't you just see some of the loudmouths on the left talking about it. Calling it shameful, to be sure. But it just seems to me that many there revel in reporting such.

No, I'm not saying any wrong acts of our boys and girls in uniform should be swept under the rug. But it seems to me that many on the left enjoy reporting anything that makes our troops look bad.

So, they may not celebrate rape. But it sure looks like they celebrate reports of rape.

Which, while Scott did not actually say the left celebrates reports of rape ... I'm saying they do.

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  1. Celebrating Rape...

    The good news: WAR will be back on the air soon.
    The bad news: Until then, you’re going to get stuff like this from me.
    This is from my Tuesday post at Basil’s Blog, where I comment on a post from Pros & Cons.


  2. Oh Basil... I think you summed it up just fine the first time. Even the title leads the reader to believe that the left is grateful of these crimes.
    Now, personally- I wouldn't have made it seem as if it was a Christmas gift, I'd have called it a "early winter present" or "springtime alms"- cause you know how the left is about "Christmas". Really, he should be changing it to "happy winter to the left", but I understand how difficult it is to follow all those crazy pc rules the left has, so I'll let that go.

    And even in his follow up post- he mentions that it was a "gift to the left".
    I've been watching the news, and I've seen the "we told you not to be there, now look at what has happened... it's all Bush's fault" smiles on their faces. I don't think anyone could have done anything to make the left happier.

  3. You are correct -- they do celebrate rape, the reporting of it. Actually, I believe there are some that are so sick on the left they actual "do" celebrate the act.

  4. I understand and completely agree with you.

  5. I'll side with the writer on this, partly outa habit.

    But it was attention-grabbing, which is the purpose of a headline, which is something people overlook

  6. "...Which, while Scott did not actually say the left celebrates reports of rape ... I'm saying they do."

    ...And I'm saying that I see what you're saying and tend to agree with you.


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