Saturday, July 29, 2006


First, my apologies for the delay. But this is indeed worth the wait.

Today, we're thrilled to be interviewing a real-life super hero. It's Genuine...

We have a panel assembled with questions...

First question...

Genuine is the role model and mentor for modern daddies. How did he get so knowledgeable about children, and what advice does he have for all the other fathers 'out there?'

I wouldn't say I'm very knowledgeable about being a Daddy, I'm more of a shotgun approach to being a modern Daddy. I would say that I try to be a child through a Father's eyes, and that helps me be an understanding parent.

Genuine was one of the first big-name bloggers, but he has not let it go to his head (as certain others have done.) How does he stay so modest and normal and sweet and un-snobbish?

It wouldn't be Genuine to be anything else. It's the people that read me that made me popular, and I would be remiss to forget about how I got to this point.

Genuine is a man who loves his wife and children and home, and who works extra-hard to make a life for them all. He is not tempted to stray or squander, and all of his spare time is spent thinking up ventures that will help him make an even better life for his family. Why can't we all be like him?

I'm not sure you would want to live up to being me from my own standpoint. It's a responsibility I took on when I decided to be a Father. I have always bitten off more than I chew. It's in my wiring I guess. I think all of us as parents are driven to make the lives of our children better. Or at least you should.

Genuine is a big tough football quarterback with a heart of gold, who loves movies and music and romantic outings with his wife, and who isn't too macho to tell the world he loves not only his own family but also the children of his neighbors. This is a fact, and also an analogy. How does Genuine DO it? Did he learn this at home or was it something he 'evolved' into as he grew up?

My mother raised me basically. She instilled those traits in my and the rest of my siblings. Besides, it makes me earn points.

Genuine has many business ventures, and every one of them is completely trustworthy just as he himself is trustworthy. This is a business-world rarity, these days. Genuine's value system is based on honor, respect, promises kept, dignity, and humor. This is an irresistable combination, and most of us would trust him with anything we had. I know I would. When, where, and how did he decide that "honorable and kind and funny" is the way to be, in this world?

I have always been taught those values. As a Christian man I often try to live my life the wa I think Jesus would live in this day and age. He is my co-pilot.

Genuine is a sweet sentimental man. His wife and children will always come first with him, and his hospitality is legendary. He is a friendly kind-hearted neighbor who would share the shirt off his back with anyone in need. My trust in him is complete; if he told me that the grass had turned pink I would not have to go outside to check. Wouldn't it be lovely if everyone were like him?

*runs outside to see what color the grass really is* Whew!

Have you ever asked yourself "If I clean up under the high chair after Genuine Baby is through eating, what will he snack on later?"

Can questions be asked anonymously? :D

The problem with asking anonymous questions is the fact that I roam the entire blogosphere and yes I know who asked this question.

You have many, many irons in the fire these days, Genuine. Of all your projects, which is your favorite?

The Genuine Blog is always my favorite. It's not a job, although some days it feels like it is, but I know that the next day will be even more fun and maybe that next friend I make is around the corner or may comment on my blog.

You ARE taking a multiple vitamin every day, right?

Does alcohol have vitamins?

Your sons look just like you, and your daughter looks just like Mrs. G. When you look at your family, what is the first emotion, after 'intense love,' that comes over you?

What in the world was I thinking?

You were one of the first big-name, high profile bloggers. You still are. Has your blogging style changed much since 2004?

Not really, I started my Genuine site to talk about my life in an Everybody Loves Raymond type of style and I tried to get that theme in my blog posts.

When is the next Genuine Bash?

Every time I have one of those I have a hangover the next day. I would love to have other people host the bash. Perhaps you can be the next Genuine Bash Host?

What is your absolute favorite meal?

I love eating at a great steakhouse.

After Crown Royale, what's your favorite drink?


One By One Media is considering a subsidiary called Teaching Teachers One By One. What are you going to teach the teachers about the internet, blogging, email, etc?

I want to help teachers learn how the blogosphere is in their students lives. The kids need to have blogging as it is a new a fun thing for them. Teachers need to understand our children and their culture. Oh yeah, and it might make some more money for my kids.

What was your worst day blogging?

I once had a horrible thought that I was going to quit blogging because I was burning out. The next thing I knew I was being asked not to quit. That day was horrible I felt bad that I was letting people down.

What is your favourite book?

Besides Goodnight Moon? I loved reading books about the cold war and espionage. I love the John LeCarre books and Clive Cussler an those types of books. I also love Hemmingway.

Who is your hero?

My sister is a hero of mine. She was born with Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy and has achieved so much now at 41 years old. She is a favorite.

What's the most Redneck / White Trash thing you've ever done?

I rode in the back of a Jeep "Rat Patrol" style in college and I'm not sure I was dressed.

What are you, nuts?

I try to that every day. It's the nuts that makes us sane as parents.

In a fight between Batman and Aquaman, how long would it take before you fell down laughing out loud at the loser?

Aquaman doesn't have a cool car, but God the guy can hold his breath a long time. I can kick both their asses!

What's the best thing about being a dad?

I love the experience every day with something new. When a child lays their head on your should and invest their whole world in that moment. That's the best part.

Thank you, Genuine. It was a pleasure and honor to have you here today.

Sunday, we'll have Megan (C'est Moi, Lesbiencestmoi - C'est The Anti-Right). That will one you won't want to miss.


  1. Nice to see Da Man getting some coverage!

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