Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Support the Cowboy Bloggers

If you haven't noticed it (and even if you have) ... the Wall Street Journal is reporting that several blogs have been banned by the Indian government.

Among the blogs banned by the Indians are The Jawa Report, Macker's World, Pirate's Cove, MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, and others. More at Thought Flickr's (via Macker).

Now that just fries my butt. I like those blogs. I guess it's a good thing I'm in India, huh?

So, anyway, these blogs are all the shoot-from-the-hip type. Like George W. Bush practices cowboy diplomacy, these fine folks practice cowboy blogging.

No wonder the Indians don't like these Cowboy Bloggers, huh?

Now, before some Native American gets all huffy with me, thinking that I don't know the difference between Indians and Indians ... well, I do.

Don't matter. Cowboys beat Indians every time.


  1. Thanks, Basil.

    I really was very amused that a country took notice and banned us. Couldn't ask for better press! :)


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