Sunday, July 30, 2006

Some Say No "Basil Night" At The Catfish Game

You might know that the Columbus Catfish are running a promotion to name a night after one fan. You also might know that I'm trying to convince them that I'm the fan they should pick. And I've asked you, Gentle Reader, to help out with that.

Some, however, think I should NOT be the Catfish fan with his own special night.

Here are some examples...

* youre a dick

* promote you personal agenda

You, as a forty or fifty something year old man should be highly embarrased that you our actively seeking the recognition and title of the biggest fan the catfish have

*a sad plea from a lonely man. A sad comentary on the baby boomer generation. don't vent the mid-life crisis on the local baseball team

* like school in summer. . . . no class

* kids should win not old wore out douch bags

* he cuts down the fans that come to support the Catfish

* such B.S.

You get the idea, huh? Some think I should not be the Catfish fan with the special night.

And it got me to wondering...

Are there others that have not weighed in that think likewise? Have others the same thoughts but just haven't said so?

Here's your chance, then.

Send an emails to the Catfish telling them why I should NOT be the fan honored that night.

Just like those that have sent emails saying why I should be the fan that night, anyone who weighs in will be eligble for prizes.

Remember the prizes?

Everyone that submits (or has submitted) an entry ... on my behalf or opposing my entry ... gets an entry for a prize I'm providing.

  • A DVD from Winner's choice. Be reasonable, okay?

  • A Catfish T-shirt. Size: large.

  • An autographed Catfish logo baseball. I'm asking the players to all sign. I expect most will.

  • An autographed South Atlantic League baseball. I'm asking the Catfish players to all sign. Again, I expect most will. Prize replaced by DVD.

Everybody that submits an entry ... for me or against me ... goes into a drawing. First name drawn gets first choice. Second name drawn gets second choice. And so on. You do not have to be here. I'll mail it to you.

So, weigh in. And we'll see if I get to be Fan of the Night at the Catfish game!


  1. Maybe the Catfish should have a night for folks with bad manners…...

    We sincerely hope that Basil sticks to his guns and sees this through regardless of the negativity displayed by a few poorly educated, ill-tempered people.


  2. [...] Basil is still campainging to win the coveted Columbus Catfish Fans Night Out. Today, he has an interesting twist. It seems that some are objecting to his campaign and feel that a man in the 40-50 year range shouldn’t be doing this. [...]

  3. Giving The Other Side A Shot...

    Five days ago I blurbed Basil's online effort to win a Columbus Catfish Fan Night. Believe it or not, he's now giving his detractors the same opportunity as to why he should NOT get the Fan Night. Talk about Fair Play! I've already decla...

  4. Sounds like there area lot of jealous people out there that are pissed that they didn't think of this idea.

  5. Basil-

    Don't give into the pressure! Keep doing your thing and don't back down to these fools!

  6. Sin City said..."a few poorly educated, ill-tempered people." Excuse me, but educated people actually attend baseball games...I have a college education/degree.

    Quality Weenie said..."there area lot of jealous people out there that are pissed that they didn't think of this idea." Not that at all...actually basil is misrepresenting the fans in the stands. Sure the attendance is not great but anyone could get there early to take photos of empty seats.

    Why not give it to someone that actually does something to support the game? For example, Mr. Mack has a ball signed and gives it to a child every game; he (Mr. Mack) is there every night as well. Now if that is not promoting the team what is?

    Basil alienated several regular fans with his first post and that is the reason for the comments.

    Again Basil and his gallery are cutting down the fans that attend and support the Catfish. Why cut fans down when you want them to do something for you to win?

  7. Back Basil! - My letter to the Catfish...

    The Columbus Catfish should have a Basil Night because…
    Well, because he’s a pretty thick-skinned fellow.
    Even though I thought for about 6 months that the Catfish were one of his kid’s teams, I’d have been completely unawar...

  8. Elaine:

    Okay, before this gets nasty and anybody's feelings get hurt, let me step out of character for a minute.

    Most of the detrimental comments left by others were ... genuine. But they were left by newcomers to this little blog ... and they didn't know my history of supporting the Catfish ... nor were they familiar with my many statements that baseball is a fun game. And, like some of the comments I chose not to include here, that I've ... like Mr. Mack and other regular fans ... have achieved a great thrill at the joy in a child's eyes at the baseball games.

    I have been critical of the locals who don't support the Catfish. I've said it's a shame that Columbus won't support a team. My criticism is not of those that come to the game, but of the thousands who stay away. I don't understand why the second-largest city in Georgia is at the bottom of the SAL attendance. There's no sense in it.

    It's not the fans at the game. It's the people who don't come to the game.

    Those empty seats? Normal. That was a picture taken at 8:43 PM on July 26. The game had been underway for 1:43. That picture was not taken early, or before the game, but around the 6th inning.

    Again, the criticism isn't of those that come to the games ... but those that don't.

    The comment about those "dunk Auburn fans" ... which did seem to genuinely piss some off ... was a reference to Brad Hudson. He's the guy running the contest for the Catfish. Auburn grad. A dig at him. Get it?

    Yeah, I knew that the guys in the picture (most of them anyway) were from Columbus, not from Auburn. But it's funnier to say "drunks from Auburn." Really. Try saying it three times fast. Okay, five times fast. See?

    Now, if someone want to sit there and say that you take offense at being identified as "from Auburn" ... then take it up with an Auburn grad. Explain to them why it's a bad thing.

    I expect that some of the comments would probably not have even been left had they been more familiar with me or this little blog. But they were funny. I enjoyed them. That's why I left them (some violated comment policy, some didn't). And repeated them (with links) today.

    Now, notice that I did not get a photo of Mr. Mack. Why? Simple. It wasn't funny. The whole purpose of the post was to show why I'm THE Catfish fan. And showing Mr. Mack hurts my cause. There's no way I could even compare to him. Or to Cecil Darby. Or many of the other fans. The ones that are fans. But that wasn't the purpose of the post. It was to garner attention. And it seems to have worked.

    Anyway, the Catfish do have some really great fans. I just wish they had more fans.

    Elaine, you didn't ask for any advice. So I won't tell you to lighten up, enjoy the contest (the Catfish and mine; did you enter mine? I got prizes!), and enjoy the games. But I'm thinking it.

    Come down behind home plate some time (double-header tonight). I'll buy you a Coke. Oops, sorry. A Pepsi.

  9. You're kidding me right? You didn't actually receive these emails, I can't believe it.

  10. Are you sure these people have a sense of humor? And what makes them think your eyes wouldn't light up at winning?
    The only reason I know who the Catfish are is because of Basil!

  11. Just a couple of points, if I may...

    1. The backlash against Basil's effort... from what I've seen and read, is mostly based on some notion that he is somehow unworthy of the prize should he win it. The quotes speak for themselves and I do stand by my observation that these naysayers are both poorly educated and ill tempered. Sorry if that hurts but I didn't use terms like 'douche bag' either.

    2. This isn't a political campaign so why the negativity from the peanut gallery? If you don't approve of a Basil Night at the Catfish, simply ignore the invitation to promote him or even write the Catfish and tell them you prefer someone else. Bashing baby boomers and even douche bags is juvenile.

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    He's asked for a little blogosphere help in getting his Basil Day, and while some have happily done their part to help, others are stuck saying "no way"....


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