Friday, April 1, 2005

Filthy Lie Assignment: Evil Glenn's April Fool's Day

From The Alliance of Free Blogs:
Straightforward Filthy Lie assignment this week. Answer the question: What will Evil Glenn be doing for April Fool's day?
The answer is just as straightforward: Trying to fix his site.


  1. Ha - Big Sister, your comment sounded like it was coming from Stewey from Family Guy (if you read it in a posh British accent, of course) :)

  2. you know, sortapundit, you're right on that one!

  3. Genius, pure genius.
    The powered by Lovable Tyke Button at the bottom is a great touch.
    I bow to the master.

    This is even better than Frank J's attempt at a April Fools Joke.

  4. phin:

    I'm actually thinking some will believe Frank J.'s is for real. They did a GR-R-REAT job on that.

  5. It took me a second to realize it this morning when I was still all sleepy eyed. I wouldn't doubt it if SarahK was receiving hate mail either.

  6. Frank's work is great cause there is a company called IMAO, but your work is a masterpiece!

  7. phin:
    Nah. No one's being mean to Yoko.

    Thanks. It's nice being compared to them.

  8. Nothing, I have Nothing for Sale

    It appears that the web pirate basil has taken over yet another blog. It started a while back with his high jacking of Red State Rant. That little skirmish wasn't resolved until Lance called in the Marines.

  9. Basil, you so rock! The work you put into the "hacked" weblogs is astounding. I also loved your Mickey Moore-on blog spoof.


    I love a guy with an advanced and intricate sense of humor!

    Big hugzz of appreciation for yout awesomeness,

  10. Filthy Lie Round-up: Evil Glenn's April Fool's Day

    It's been quite the day for evil jestery around the blogosphere, and the following Alliance members have filed reports on Evil Glenn's nefarious April Fool's activities: Basil of Basil's Blog reports that Glenn was seen publicly tweaking his blog. Which


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