Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sortapundit 2

Now that the Blog War vs. Sortapundit is over, and now that Sortapundit has joined us, we were musing the other day: "Now what?"

Turns out Sortapundit may have the answer: Sortapundit.

Okay, let me explain. Sortapundit ( found the new blog Sortapundit ( And while he's not angry, he is a little put out.

I'm not quite sure what to do about this one? Is the name Sortapundit my intellectual property? Am I covered by copyright laws? I've been using it for over a year now, so surely I've got some sort of claim on it.

Anyway, I'm gonna leave it for the time being, and hope this guy just gives up after a few weeks. If he gets an Instalanche before me, though, there's gonna be blood.

This might be interesting. Now, Sortapundit didn't ask for help from the Blog Warriors. But, since he's one of us now, I'm thinking we might want to help him out.

Now, my sisters could tell you, and the folks I work with could tell you, and ... heck, anybody that knows me can tell you ... I like to mess with folks. Not bad. But enough to get their attention. In a friendly sorta way. Heh-heh. I said "sorta."

Anyway, here's what I did. I visited Sortapundit ( and left an on-topic comment about a couple of posts. And I didn't use my Blogger log-in to leave the comment. Yes, I have one of those. What I did instead was left my name, but left for my web site.

Now, Adam and Christopher, who run Sortapundit, seem nice enough. Of course, I've only read a few posts (they only have a few posts), so they may be serial killers, for all I know. But, I'm just wanting to get their attention a little. They've each got another blog they do with a third person, so ... well, I don't know.

Anyway, I'm thinking a little nudge might be fun. I'm not getting mean or anything. Just wanting to get their attention. After all, Sortapundit ( is on our side now.

They may see the humor in this. They may get all mad. Let's find out what happens.

Oh, and before anyone starts at me, yes, there were several "Basil's Blogs" already in existence before I started this one. But none had bothered to register a domain name. was available. (Oh, and don't get cute and try to register or, okay?)

I looked at the top hits for "basil's blog" and found the ones that came up to be old sites that hadn't been updated. After I started, I found another "Basil's Blogs" that is current. But he uses the name "Basil's Meanderings" in addition to "Basil's Blog" so I'm not too concerned about that one.

Anyway, I'm going to give Sortapundit a hand and see what happens. Who knows? It might start a war.

What do you think?


  1. If we do go to war again, do I get to launch a dead cow over the castle wall? I've always wanted to do that.

    Either way, count me in.

    PS - By the way. The real SortaPundit still shows up as the Crumpet Muncher in Google. Sorry bud. It's kinda like landmines, it'll take a while for that to go away.

    - Travis

  2. now that the war is over with the good sortapundit, i feel kinda sorry that i came up with the "Crumpet Muncher" thing...
    but not TOO sorry!

  3. I don't mind it at all. It means I get a very special type of accidental reader, beyond the usual band of borderline schizophrenics and serial killers I usually get.

    By the way - Bedwell and Adcock? Are we sure these guys aren't a pair of porn star superheroes? I mean, if they're normal people we can go to war, but nobody wants to get stunned by an Orgasmatron half way through an important meeting.

    And don't even get me starte about the Cock Knocker.

  4. the Great Blog War of March, 2005 was indeed a good one. Much traffic was enjoyed by all.
    However, this one might not be as good-natured.
    My Good Guys Battle Flag is still flying, (and i blogrolled you before this little border-skirmish) so my keyboard is on your side, sortapundit.
    lets kick his ass. (unless he gives up first...)

  5. hey sure are you that all this isn't an April Fools Day joke on all of us from the one and only sortapundit....he might still be a bit sore over losing the war....

  6. Now admit it. Wouldn't that be so funny if it was?

  7. I left this comment:
    Hey guys, I think is still open.

  8. I'm in, that means I gotta find my scarf . . .

  9. I knew we'd get another picture out of you.

  10. Woke up this morning . . .

    I woke up this morning, and what did I find? IMAO gone, Harvey in a state of depression and basil stirring mayhem in the blogosphere. All was going well until I saw this!

  11. Blog War II - Return of the Scarf

    Basil is preparing for war against Sortapundit. With Sortapundit at our side, we will defeat the carpet munchers at the other Sortapundit.

  12. Yes, but what oh what will it be of this time ;)

  13. I've Found a Scarf!

    Gentlemen of the Blogwars! I have found a scarf! Let the fun begin!

  14. The blog war seems to be a non-starter. Sortapundit 2 is now

  15. And he apologized for not knowing the name was already taken. Class act, if you ask me.... Why not ask him to join you, basil?

  16. and I got out my scarf fer nuthin! I agree with Big Sister (who's 5'4") getem on board as we search for a new target ;)


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