Tuesday, June 7, 2005

WTW: Vacation Coming Up

White Trash WednesdaysWell, it's summertime! I like summertime!

Now, some folks say that summer don't start until June 21st or something. But that's actually the equinox. No, that's not right. It's the solstice, and really don't got nothing to do with when summer starts. I mean, think about it. The days start getting shorter. Less sun. And that's when summer starts? Nope. Summer's when you say it is. And I say it's June 1st.

Anyway, it's summertime and I'm ready to go on vacation. But the woman I'm living with wants to go fancy.

A couple of years ago, this woman I was seeing said she wanted to the big city and staying in one of those high-rise hotels. She's seen pictures from places like one of the Hiltons in Atlanta where they got tall hotel buildings that look out over everything. I priced them on that William Shatner site, and they're expensive. But, you know that Waycross is cheaper than Atlanta. So, I got us a reservation in a high-rise hotel just outside town, overlooking the road to the Okefenokee. It was nice.

Last year, this other woman I was staying with wanted to go to the mountains and stay at the Marriott next to the mountain. Well, I found a better place that was cheaper. Up near the North Carolina border, we got us a place actually on the mountain. It wasn't a Marriott, but it was nice.

This year, this new woman I'm seeing wants to go to the beach. I've checked around and both Jekyll and St. Simons are expensive, as are St. Augustine in Florida and Panama City. Even Orange Beach over in Alabama's pretty pricey. But I got to do something nice for this woman. So, I rented us a house on one of the lakes near the Okefenokee. It's gonna be nice.

Now, fellows, don't y'all all write and thank me for these wonderful ideas. I'm glad to share them and my experiences showing a woman a good time.

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