Saturday, July 9, 2005

Happy Birthday, IMAO

Imao_birthdayHappy Birthday to IMAO and Happy Blogiversay to Frank J.

We understand they are celebrating in style at the IMAO corporate offices. Sorry we couldn't be there in person, but what with the restraining order and all, you understand.

Still, we did manage to get a picture of the party. Looks like they are having a great time.

Here's to more funny from IMAO.

More partying: Beth is having a Hurricane/Trackback Party.


  1. Hey, that Blogger Boy looks a lot like Jimmy Fallon. Suddenly, Jimmy Fallon is no longer so attractive....

  2. Sadie:
    I never noticed that before. Suddenly, Jimmy Fallon seems *so* attractive ...

  3. Jo:
    Frank J.'s the one that doesn't drool as much.

  4. Something about that photo disturbs me greatly ...

    ... I think it's the icing on that cake. It looks like the dog frosted it.

  5. Frank needs to stop displaying himself this way .. all the women on the net now are going to be drooling on their keyboards ;)

  6. Steel:
    If it's the frosting that disturbs you ...

  7. Jo:
    Drooling? Or foaming at the mouth? There is a difference.


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