Thursday, July 7, 2005

Headline News: 7/7/2005

From ABC News:
Jolie, Pitt Taking Home Ethiopian Orphan
Starvin' Marvin finally gets a home

From ABC News:
Red Light-Flashing Jellyfish Lures Prey
Invertebrate whores at work

From ABC News:
Minn. Cancels 'Whorehouse Days' Festival
'Feisty' goes back to the truckstop

From ABC News:
Man Lights Himself on Fire to Propose
Said he was 'hot' for girlfriend; despite flames, still not very bright

From ABC News:
What Color Is Diane Sawyer's Lipstick?
Charlie Gibson checks his zipper

From ABC News:
BTK Killer Blames 'Demon' for Murders
Azazel, Afrit, Dale Torberg all deny involvement

From ABC News:
Report Finds Few Pets Die on Plane Trips
Few pets flying cited as main reason

From ABC News:
Noxious Alien Weed Flourishing in South
Martians blamed

From ABC News:
Five Myths About Sex Offender Registries

  1. Becker County, Minnesota District Judge Thomas Schroeder believes in them

  2. Judge Thomas Schroeder reads them

  3. Judge Thomas Schroeder has a valid reason for not reading them

  4. Judge Thomas Schroeder would do things different if he read them

  5. Because he doesn't read them, Judge Thomas Schroeder isn't to blame for the deaths in Idaho

From ABC News:
London attacks kill dozens as world leaders meet
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
In Aruba, resentment over a storm of US media
Welcome U.S. tourists, dollars, not media

From ABC News:
Needed: idiot's guide to sex
Send a copy to:  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,  Washington, DC 20500


  1. Re that last one: Groan! You just gave me an unshakeable mental image!

    You evil...

  2. Sorry. I can never pass up a cheap joke.

  3. Thursday

    Basil's Blog: Headline News Scrappleface: G8 Mulls Qaeda Offer to End Modern Civilization It's a Pundit: The Mugging Eyes on the Ball: Reasons London Was Picked Over Paris...

  4. Please allow me, baby b with the hot anti-terrorism flag-flying action, to tell you I think you've been reading my blog too much lately. Let's cherry-pick some taglines, shall we?

    1.Invertebrate whores at work

    2. 'Feisty' goes back to the truckstop

    3. Said he was 'hot' for girlfriend; despite flames, still not very bright

    3. And finally: Needed: idiot's guide to sex.

    Hmmm. I like it.

  5. Weekend plans ruined....again

    The first link to this post is part of the Broken Link-Fest 2005. Click this one instead. I booked a room at this posh truckstop hotel [cable TV and air conditioning!] with my girls Shylo and Moomoo to attend Gilbert, Minnesota's Whorehouse Days fe...


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