Monday, August 15, 2005

Airport Blogging

Sitting in Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta, my Big Sister (who's 5'4") is nearly in tears, because AirTran seems to have misplaced a piece of her luggage. The one with the autographs and photographs she paid hundreds of dollars for.

She's not a happy camper. And I've missed two shuttles so far, waiting with her. So I'm not happy either.

I've flown AirTran before and never had any problems. And they didn't lose or damage any of my stuff. But they lost my sister's stuff.

I'm not back from vacation yet. But I'm already in a bad mood.

Anyone got any airline travel horror stories they want to share? You know, so we won't feel we are being picked on. Fire away!

UPDATE: AirTran located the luggage! It was on a later flight for some reason. My Big Sister (who's 5'4") drove back to the airport and secured it. She's happy now. And thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences and for your concern and support!


  1. My sister inlaw was visiting last month and yes it happened to her , she was missing one of her bags that had managed to end up on a later flight to philly from florida , but they assured her that as soon as they recieved it they would deliver the bag at her Hotel , and yes they did do that it ended up okay . I hope your sis's is a happy ending also ..

  2. Don't feel bad. My flight home from Vegas got delayed for an hour and then the connecting flight got canceled so they rerouted me with ground transportation from the nearest airport.

    "Ground transportation from the nearest airport" means instead of a twenty minute ride to my house after being picked up by the missus. I spent two hours in a cab driven by a guy who'd only been in the states for a couple of years.

    He's from Africa, nice enough fellow but he didn't speak the Queens English and my hint of a Southern accent made communication rough. That and his driving skills weren't the best. He made Vegas & NYC Cabbies look like the DMV poster children for safe driving. Needless to say it wasn't a relaxing ride home since my hands cramped up about 30 minutes into the ride due to the death grip I had on the "Oh Sh**" handle.

    I could also write about the time the airline lost my luggage after gate checking it, luckily I was on the way home (it took several days for it to reach me).

    Glad y'all are home safe.

  3. Travelling Woes

    This is in response to Basils sis

  4. Lost luggage once, but got everything back 2 days later ... I hope your sister is as lucky.

    Glad you are coming back soon, I've been a bad guest blogger for the last day or four :(.


  5. Basil's trying to leave a Star Trek Convention

  6. Basil has just attended a Star Trek Convention

  7. Give Big Sister (the one what's 5'4") a hug and best wishes for me, basil. I've lost my celebrity pics and autographs before, and it ain't a fun thing at all. Ya get to meet someone ya really like, and have a keepsake, then the worst happens. I know her pain.

    I'm glad y'all got back home all safe and sound. Beth, phin, Joe and the others did a good job keeping things up and running, I must say. I half expected anarchy and revolts to occur, but I'm glad I was wrong.

    Welcome back, y'all. :)

  8. gina, phin, TJ, Moe:
    Things worked out with the luggage. It was found on another flight and she has everything now. Thanks!

    And thanks for sharing your experiences. It helps knowing others understand what she was going through. Thanks.


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