Sunday, August 21, 2005

Headline News: 8/21/2005

From The Register:
NatWest issues cash card to Dick Head
Bank defends: "Even a**holes deserve banking prividges"

From CNN:
Bush supporters create opposing camp
Pro-Bush camp know as "1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division"

From Reuters:
Most Americans have allergies
New report nothing to sneeze at

From CNN:
Bush, Cleland offer clashing views on Iraq
President who succesfully flew fighter jets opposed by former Senator who couldn't hold on to his own grenade

From Local6:
Drug suspect's pet squirrel attacks officer
Was just trying to gather nuts for the winter

From CNN:
Nobel Prize value goes down
Giving it to terrorists finally catches up

From WCCO:
Eagle Survives After Being Run Over By Train
Joe Walsh earns reputation as a tough guy

From The Daily Telegraph:
A vile and weak man to the end
Robert Byrd's biography is completed

Bosom like a carburetor?
New Springsteen song released

From WCVB:
Fans warned about Stones ticket purchases
Warning reads: "Holder of ticket agrees to hold promoter blameless for The Rolling Stones looking and singing like 60-year-old men"


  1. I'm thinking the bosom isn't the part most like a carburetor...

  2. I'm a dual-front airbags man myself.


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