Monday, August 29, 2005

Headline News 2005-08-29

From ABC News:
Ad Says Roberts Supports Anti-Abortion Violence
Ignores Roberts calls advocating clubbing baby seals, burning black churches, and drinking babies blood

From Sky News:
Pan-tastic! World's First Toilet College
Students shocked when they discover what the diplomas are printed on

From Monsters and Critics:
Tom Cruise says bizarre quotes a fiction
Just like Scientology

From AFP:
Communist official has three wives, gets 18 years
He asked for death penalty

From AFP:
Dolphins, seals, porpoises spotted in London's River Thames: survey
Are striped in other British rivers

From CNN:
Jesse Jackson offers support to Venezuela's Chavez
Vows to kick Pat Robertson's ass

From CNN:
Do bikes slow Oregon's obesity rate?
Or does Oregon obesity rate slow bikes

From CNN:
Documents show Roberts backed school prayer
Democrats shocked to discover Christian conservative supports prayer

From WEWS:
Goat found tied up at restaurant
Was looking for Cubs game on TV

From CNN:
Report: More journalists killed in Iraq than Vietnam
Aim getting better

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