Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Vegas Wedding

White Trash WednesdaysThey say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Or winds up on the Internet. Guess which one this is?

I got word the other day that Sadie Lou, who lives in the trailer park, had fell in love with some fellow and decided to run off to Lost Wages, Nevada, and get herself married. I was heartbroken. And I couldn't let her go without a fight. So, I headed out to Vegas. Or towards Vegas.

I went to the nearest truckstop and hitched a ride out west. And it was a long ride and I was concerned about the driver because to get to Las Vegas, he took a route through the desert. What was that all about? I have no idea.

Anyway, we got to Sin City and I thanked him, gave him all my money, and went looking for Sadie Lou.

Say_i_doI was a step behind her the whole way and didn't manage to stop her from marrying that guy. But I did find the place they got married. Now, while I was greatly disappointed that I missed out stopping the wedding from happening, I do understand how she could be swept off her feet by such a romantic gesture as getting hitched at "The 'Say I Do' Wedding Drive-Thru" chapel. The man knows how to woo a woman, that's for sure.

I kept up my efforts in order to find her and talk her out of it before the marriage was consummated. I finally catch up with them, the guy she married took her and run off. She dropped her camera and I got the pictures developed.


From the clarity of the pictures she took, I was too late to stop them from consummating the marriage. At least, I was too late to stop him.

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