Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Guess Who Is Media?

Media BasilI got to tell you about this one. The other day, the president of the South Atlantic League (to which the local minor league baseball team, the Columbus Catfish belong) was in town. It was unannounced. The old newsman in me kicked in, and I thought "Hey, why not see if I can get an interview with him and put to rest rumors about the Catfish leaving?" Remember now that news reports said that Columbia, South Carolina had made overtures to the Catfish, with one paper saying an agreement had been reached.

Anyway, when I heard that John Moss (SAL president) was there, I approached the Catfish staff about getting an interview. They said they needed something on letterhead. So, since my laptop was in the car, I went and got it, and I wrote something up. And gave it to them. I listed myself as the person authorized to represent this little blog for news events.

They thought about this. After all, they were sending me the same reports they send the "traditional media" in town. And I did have news and sports background in radio. Yeah, that was almost 30 years ago, but still. Anyway, they approved my request! For media credentials. But Moss said "no" to an interview. So, no scoop about the Catfish at that time. I had to wait until Tuesday night to "scoop" the local media (TV and newspaper) about the Catfish staying in Columbus.

But, I'm still claiming this as a breakthrough for the "new media" of blogs. Or on-line magazines. Or whatever the heck we are.

Okay, it's not quite getting White House credentials. Unless they find some of those old pictures of me. But we won't talk about that.

No, it's only a Class-A baseball team. But it is that much.

Okay, would they have said "yes" if I hadn't been a fan of the Catfish? Probably not. But if I wasn't a fan of the Catfish, I wouldn't have been at the games anyway. And I wouldn't be blogging about them. But I am a fan. And I do blog about them.

And now, I am not just a blogger. The recognize me for who I am. I am media.

Hear me roar.

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