Friday, August 26, 2005

Headline News 2005-08-26

From ABC News:
Chinese Try to Get Chimp to Quit Smoking
Will try radical approach called "not giving him cigarettes"

From ABC News:
Breastfeeding Mom Arrested in Mistaken Identity
Policeman never even saw her face

From ABC News:
Music Producer Missing After Frantic Calls
Olivia Newton-John dating again

From ABC News:
Jewish Population in West Bank Expanding
More McDonald's meals being super-sized

From ABC News:
Flight Experiences Jive With NWA Reports
Jeff Jarrett recounts experience *

From ABC News:
Chimps Learn By Watching Others -- Just Like Humans
Chimp starts blog criticizing "Bushy McHitler"

From ABC News:
Pa. Student Hackers Quietly Offered Deals
Not quietly enough to keep it out of the news

From ABC News:
Brazil says Amazon deforestation slows down
Credit given to Jennifer Anniston, Eric Cartman, a monkey, and a big stick *

From ABC News:
Can Mind, Body Workouts Hold Off Memory Loss?
What was the question again?

From ABC News:
Singer Marc Cohn Describes Terrifying Shooting
Hopes next shooting will be much more pleasant

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