Monday, August 22, 2005

Supper: 8/22/2005

Due to an overwhelming schedule today, we ask you to bring your favorite dish to the menu. Yes, it's a Covered Dish Supper tonight.


  1. Zogby Not Bothering With W.Va.

    A cliche holds that a politician can be so safe that the only thing that could stop him is if they found him with a dead girl or a live boy. Well, they found Ted Kennedy with a dead girl and he still was re-elected six times. Despite that, Massachusett...

  2. Sheehan Abandoned Her Family

    Ellen Goodman at the Boston Globe has been hanging out at 'Camp Casey' with 'Crawford Crusaders'. I never knew that Sheehan's husband filed for divorce over this. Not to mention:

    "Aunts and uncles on the prowar side of the family criticized her fo...


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