Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Alliance Of The Anonymous

AllianceI've tried to be very careful about joining alliances and groups. Some I've avoided, not because I didn't think they'd be worthwhile to join, but because I didn't think I'd be a useful member. I joined the Alliance of Free Blogs and have tried to contribute there. I've joined Homespun Bloggers and have participated in some of the topics for posts. But I've had to delay joining other blogging groups because of my schedule on the blog, at work, and at home. But, thanks to a link I found over at Beth's, I've found an Alliance for which I certainly qualify: The Alliance Of The Anonymous.

And you can't join.

Or can you?


  1. Guess I can't "404 page error" :(

  2. Alliance of the Anonymous

    A.K.A. Alliance of Link-Whores?


    How could I resist? :mrgreen:

    [Via another Anonymous ally]...

  3. What's ironic is that John Stansbury isn't anonymous. He's, ya know, John Stansbury.

  4. Alliance of the Anonymous

    Yeah, right up my alley baby! Will put it up on the sidebar when I get back from my other anonymous group meeting.


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