Friday, August 19, 2005

Headline News: 8/19/2005

From ABC News:
Microsoft Working to Fix Browser Flaw
The patch is commonly known as "Firefox"

From ABC News:
British Soldiers Get Germ-Fighting Undies
Easier than getting them to wash their nasty asses

From ABC News:
Aussie Claims Misdiagnosis As Transsexual
Just has a really small penis

From ABC News:
Bubble Gum Prank Leads to Terror Charge
Bazooka Joe finally captured

From ABC News:
Coretta Scott King Is Mostly Paralyzed
Miracle Max refuses to help: "Bring her to me when she's mostly dead"

From ABC News:
War Protests Continue Near Bush's Ranch
Karl Rove's plan to get protesters in one place where FBI can keep an eye on them is deemed a success

From ABC News:
Scientists try to save rare and randy warbler
Rod Stewart endangered

From ABC News:
Jessica Simpson Sings for 'GMA'
"Today Show" ratings at all-time high

From ABC News:
Report: Palmeiro Offered No Explanation
News/Sports media unable to determine if first baseman took performance-enhancing drugs to enhance his performance

From ABC News:
Transformer seen as cause of San Francisco blast
Optimus Prime sought for questioning

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