Sunday, August 28, 2005

Brunch: 8/28/2005

Try one of these specials with your brunch:


  1. Bush Supporters Descend on Crawford

    This just in from (News Ten, Central Texas):
    As many as 3,000 Bush supporters gathered Saturday near the President's Central Texas ranch in a show of support for the administration and for the war in Iraq.
    Rallies and vigils were held in...

  2. The $6 Million Question

    Opening the email this morning, I came across this missive. It was not sent to a bunch of names. And it does not have the feel of a Nigerian oil scam. But it does have a hotmail account. I give it an even chance of being legit.

  3. the living document and the unelected legislature

    The First amendment states , " Congress shall make no law

  4. Free Blackberries with a set of tires?

    The dot com bust in 2001 had nothing to do with the Internet revolution that everyone used to rave about. It is still coming. Most everybody just had it wrong in the nineties.

  5. Steyn Looks at Iraq’s Constitution

    To quote the WHO, "I'll tip my hat to the new constitution." The draft version anyhow.
    Mark Steyn takes a look at what it entails in his Sun Times column today, taking apart the notion that, "As the deadline approaches, we read that the whole magi...

  6. Profiles: The LT

    We have a Lieutenant (LT) who serves as our Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) Executive Officer (XO) ? don?t you just love the way we military types make everything an acronym? And our LT is a character.

  7. Filipinas come of age(at what price?)

    If you have read my blog on a regular basis, you know my wife is a Filipina and immigrated to the US from the Philippines after our marriage 16 years ago.


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