Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Headline News 2005-08-24

From ABC News:
Woman Offended by Doc's Obesity Advice
Seeks second opinion, is told she's fat and a crybaby

From ABC News:
Malaysian Arrested With Porn in Underwear
Ordered to keep penis in briefcase

From ABC News:
US evangelist apologizes for Chavez remarks
Didn't mean to alert him to what is coming

From ABC News:
Palestinian kills Jew in Jerusalem
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Faster than expected, Israel completes pullout
Rolls over, goes to sleep

From UPN 34:
Virtual Cafeteria Debuts In Texas School
Menu includes spam burgers, digital fries

From ABC News:
Ad dropped featuring nun holding condom
New ad to show her putting one on with her teeth approved

From ABC News:
Pitt, Jolie Visit Canada Dinosaur Exhibit
Favorite exhibit is the Canuckosaur

From ABC News:
Playboy to hit Internet with digital edition
Company preparing for opposition to pictures of naked women on the Internet

From ABC News:
Reid Makes First Appearance After Stroke
Still doesn't make any sense when he talks

From CNN:
Reality show for sperm donors
Now fans will know why the show is called "Big Brother"


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