Monday, August 22, 2005

Headline News: 8/22/2005

From Yahoo!
700 kilos of mud stolen from bankrupt mine
Police on lookout for really stupid thieves

Inner-city living makes you fat
Super-sizing at rural McDonald's no longer adds pounds

French snipers target frogs
Now shooting each other

From Yahoo!/AP:
Connecticut Sues 'No Child Behind' Law
Suit alleges it's the federal government's fault Connecticut kids are stupid

From ABC News:
Researcher Feels Certain UFOs Exist
Same ones from planet he came from

From CNN:
Japanese-Americans interned during WWII get diplomas
First actual diploma issued from "School of Hard Knocks"

From CNN:
Eminem at the crossroads
Must decide whether to be a no-talent pseudo-rapper or a no-talent has-been

From CNN:
Synthesizer innovator Moog dies at 71
Music finally gets its revenge

From CNN:
Husbands hot topic in N.Y. Senate race
Albert Pirro, Bill Clinton in toss-up for who's hotter

From Yahoo!/AP:
Newly released documents portray Roberts as brash, conservative
Documents also portray the Sun as bright, hot


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  2. Monday

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