Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Star Trek Afterthoughts

StarTrekAs I return from vacation where I attended the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, I've got some thoughts about the convention that I haven't shared. And some I have that I want to share again.

In retrospect, I do understand why they had some of the problems they had at the Star Trek convention. It was a large number of people there, and they were trying to run several things at once. However, there is no excuse for trying to do more than you are able. If the company can't handle that many people at once, don't handle that many people at once. I kept hearing folks from the company talk about how limited their staff is. Well, if you don't have the manpower to do a job, don't try to do that job. Or increase your manpower.

They did have volunteers helping. But honestly, sometimes you get what you pay for. Now I will say that many, many of the volunteers were trying to be helpful, and many were helpful. And we were grateful for those. But there were some that didn't have a clue. Or if they did, it was the wrong clue. So many times we were told wrong information.

Lots of the good information came from some certain staff. One whose name we did get was Roben. There were other helpful ones whose names we didn't get, but they do have our thanks.

I've written already about each of the stars that spoke. But there were many that didn't speak that brought back memories from the shows and the movies.

I mentioned Victor Brandt and Michelle Scarabelli who we met on the Las Vegas Monorail. Victor Brandt made a comment about the monorail and "A Subway Named Möbius" which is one of my favorite science fictions stories. But there were only two people on the Monorail at the time that knew about that story: Victor Brandt and me. But we had a good time talking about it and remembering it. Of course, maybe the fact that we were the two oldest males on board at the time had something to do with that. Kids these days.

At the autograph tables in the back, there were two members from the original pilot, Peter Duryea and Laurel Goodwin. And Arlene Martel, who not only played T'Pring, but also the nurse/stewardess from the Twilight Zone episode "22." Around the corner was the woman who played Child T'Pring, whose only appearance on the show was a still photo. Joanne Linville, who played the Romulan Commander was there, as was the goofy lady from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. You remember. Uhuru said "We're looking for the Naval base in Alameda." The woman came up and said "Oh, I think I know that one. It's across the bay. In Alameda." The story is that she was walking the streets, heard some people asking directions, and tried to help, oblivious to the fact they were shooting a movie.

Remember Brian Thompson? From the X-Files? The alien bounty hunter? Well, I should have recognized him as one of the Jem Hadar from Deep Space Nine, among other Star Trek guest roles. Anyway, he was there. Big dude.

Max Grodenchik, who I mentioned earlier, had an autograph table set up. I really liked him on the show and in person. Vaughn Armstrong, who played like 400 different Star Trek characters over the years, was there pimping his "Enterprise Blues Band." He seemed like a fun person. And is not only a talented actor but also a talented musician.

Sean Kenney, who played the red-shirt killed in "Arena" and also the wheel-chair-bound Capt. Pike from "The Menagerie," was there.

Non-Trek stars included Marta Kristin, who was Judy Robinson on Lost In Space. There were lots more, but the point is there were lots of people there that you might not expect.

Biggest disappointments:

  • Patrick Stewart suddenly leaving the autograph table with my Big Sister near the front of the line.
  • The tone of Robert Beltran's talk/Q&A. Although he did have some fun and funny non-Trek things to say, he seemed to not enjoy Trek. And seemed willing to share his lack of joy.

Biggest surprises:

  • Corbin Bernsen's announcement of the "Trek Collectors" movie. I really hope he follows through because I want to see that film.
  • Michelle Scarabelli. I fell in love with her on Alien Nation, so her role in The Next Generation was a pleasure. But in person, she's as gorgeous as ever and a pleasure to talk with.
  • Victor Brandt. He was fun to talk to.
  • Max Grodenchik. I mentioned that I always enjoyed his character in Deep Space Nine, in person he was a pleasure to meet.

Most fun "normal" (not dressed up as characters or speaking Klingon) people I met in Las Vegas:

  • Kathy and Brad
  • Tonya and David
  • Kimberly and Rick
  • C.J. and Angie

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  1. Bruce used to read bedtime stories to the children from Fadiman's Fantasia Mathematica, and "Subway Named Moebius" was one of their favorites, so there is some hope for the next generation. (Nate's favorite, however, was "A. Botts and the Moebius Strip".)

  2. Not Really A Trekkie, But…

    Well, basil appears to be a Trekkie, and describes his experience at this year’s Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas at basil’s blog. Maybe I’m going to rethink my Trekking… sounds kinda fun!


  3. Not Really A Trekkie, But…

    Well, basil appears to be a Trekkie, and describes his experience at this year’s Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas at basil’s blog. Maybe I’m going to rethink my Trekking… sounds kinda fun!


  4. I first read it in Jr. High (now called Middle School, I think). Must be something about it that fascinates young folk, in addition to grown folk.

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