Sunday, August 28, 2005

Where's All My Stolen Oil?

Precision Guided Humor"You've got mail!" came the sound. I minimized my browser and clicked on the e-mail program. It was from Harvey. The subject: Where's The Oil?

I knew this day would come. Dare I tell? I clicked on the e-mail.

According to all the crazy people I talk to, the only reason George W. Bush invaded Iraq was to steal all the oil from the Iraqi people.

Then today I see this headline: "Crude Oil Rises to $68"

WTF? I know for a FACT that we stole BILLIONS of gallons of oil from Iraq since 2003, but where the hell is it? I'm paying more for a gallon of gas than I am for a gallon of milk, and that's just WRONG! I need to blame someone! I want an explanation!

What happened to all the oil that President Bush stole from Iraq?

Why was he asking me? Did he know about my involvement? Or was he guessing? Or just a coincidence that he asked me, of all people?

I closed the e-mail, grabbed a Coca-Cola from the kitchen and sat down in the rocking chair. My mind wandered for a moment as I tried to focus on the things I had put out of my mind. My SECRET clearance in the Army gave me access to information that I really didn't want access to. But, it was my job. With what I knew, I could only wonder what someone with a TOP SECRET clearance knew. I shudder to think.

Well, now I had a decision to make: What to do about Harvey's question. I had to think.

It was 1991. I had only been in the Army since summer. After Basic Training (following recovery from injuries) in Ft. Leonard Wood, I had traveled to Ft. Belvoir for AIT at the Ordnance School. That completed in February. I would leave soon to meet up with the 24th Infantry Division in Iraq. Then I got word of another assignment that would take a month. My graduating AIT at the top of the class had caught someone's attention. And the six of us at the top had something else in store for us.

What I learned confused me. Why would we need large oil tanks underground in Virginia and Maryland. I didn't understand then. It would be a while before I learned more. But, George Bush had a plan it seemed. Or so I thought.

After we finished the month-long assignment, the 24th ID was readying to redeploy to Ft. Stewart. So I was shipped there and awaited their arrival. I wondered if they knew what they had really been a party to. Most thought they had been sent to Kuwait to drive Iraqi troops out. Why didn't they follow into Baghdad? I knew. Because Kuwait was the objective the whole time.

Two years went by while I served in C Co, 724th Spt Bn. My MOS was generator repair. But that's not what I did. Until I went to Korea.

Arriving in January 1993, I was sent to 802d Military Intelligence Battalion at Camp Hovey, near Camp Casey, Korea. And actually did generator repair for a while. But that was necessary to be sent to the DMZ for the second part of the assignment. We all knew that Kim Il-sung wouldn't be around forever, and we had to have the "items" in place in case his crazy son took over. Little did I know, it would be just over a year later that junior would indeed take over. But the "items" were in place. And so were the large underground oil tanks. Bill Clinton had a plan. Or so I thought. Once that work was done, I kept the 52D MOS, but did the other work instead.

Returning to Ft. Stewart, I was sent to 1/41 Field Artillery. To work generator repair. Even though they knew that I didn't do that. Not really. But when we went on a three-week exercise in late summer 1994, I did more generator work than ever. Little did I know what the big picture was.

We returned from the field on a Thursday, finished up work early Friday, and took off for a long weekend. Then the phone rang Saturday morning.

"Victory Thunder" they called. I knew what that meant. I dropped the children off at their grandparents (it was my weekend with the children) and drove back to Ft. Stewart. Tuesday, my group flew to Kuwait. Not the first to leave, but not the last.

The premise was that Saddam Hussein had placed troops on the Kuwait border and refused to allow UN inspectors to do their job. So, Bill Clinton sent troops. So, the First Brigade of the 24th ID went. And that included me.

We arrived in Kuwait and went to Camp Doha. And that's when I picked up the rest of the story. I overheard two officers talking as I left Uncle Frosty's. They didn't pay any attention to me, and I picked up the whole story.

It took about two months before we finished pipeline that ran from the Kuwait-Iraq border to Kuwait City where it tied into the pipeline to the docks. And it was all underground.

After I left the Army at the end of 1996, I thought nothing more about what I had been a part of. Until 2003. That was when George W. Bush finished the job that his father, George Bush, along with Bill Clinton, had begun. And the rumblings about problems with North Korea.

The 1990 deployment to Kuwait was all about getting a port for the oil tankers and stealing Kuwaiti oil.

My 1991 work in Virginia placed the large oil tanks to hold the stolen oil.

1993 was placing more underground oil tanks, this time in the DMZ, on the border with North Korea. They'll tie in to another pipeline.

1994 in Kuwait was where we complete the pipeline from Iraq to the docks in Kuwait.

2003 was where we tied in to Iraqi oil, stealing it. With the pipeline all the way to the ports in Kuwait, the oil can be loaded onto tankers and placed in the underground tanks in Virginia and Maryland.

The plan for 2006 is to move troops from Iraq (leaving enough to guard the oilfields and pipeline) and place them in Korea for the invasion of North Korea. After we remove Kim Jong-il, we'll have the pipeline from the border with China running to the underground tanks in the DMZ. 2008 is the scheduled tie-in with China oil, stealing it right from under their noses.

So, because the U.S. has been stealing all that oil, the OPEC countries don't have as much as people think, and OPEC is charging nearly $70/barrel for what they have.

All that underground oil is being used to keep the robots running. It takes a lot of oil to keep the robots running.

Most people have no idea that Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Cynthia McKinney, Harry Reid, and all the leaders and influential Democrats are robots. And the non-politicians like Susan Estrich, Michael Moore, and others who push the same causes as the national Democratic party. And they're programmed by the Republicans.

It's funny in a way that people don't realize that. But if they thought about it, they'd see that it explains why the Democrats are doing everything the Republicans want them to do. They're saying and doing things that are completely without reason or sense, and the Republicans are increasing their majority in all branches of government.

And when it sounds like they're programmed to all say the same thing ... well, they are. And that takes lots and lots of oil to keep those machines running at full speed for all these years.

Why was Bill Clinton involved? Simple. It was all a plot. How else would you explain George Bush having a 90% approval rate and losing an election? It was to cover the final phase of replacing Democratic leaders with robots. Including his wife. They'll never find her body. But Vince Foster nearly did. But RoboHillary took care of him.

So now, Harvey writes me a letter asking where all that oil went. I need to find out how much he knows and how much he suspects.

Though I've never met him in person, Harvey seems like a really great guy. He's been a huge help and influence on me with this little blog. And a huge influence on so many others.

I hope Harvey doesn't suspect the truth. I'd hate to have to kill him.

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