Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Live-Blogging Catfish Baseball

Go Catfish!If the weather holds out, you'll be getting updates throughout the game.

Yes, I'm Live-Blogging the Columbus Catfish baseball game.

My doing this doesn't technically violate the agreement with the local radio station that is broadcasting the game. And we'll see how well the weather and the laptop hold out.

More in a little bit.

6:13 PM
Augusta Greenjackets (Giants) scored a run in the top of the first on a single and a double. So far, for Arismendy Castillo, two strike-outs, two hits, one run.

Bottom of the inning, the Catfish went down in order.

6:32 PM
Augusta started the 2nd inning with a double. Runner advanced on a wild pitch, but was thrown out at home on a fielder's choice. Tried to run over the Catfish catcher. Didn't work. But Augusta loaded the bases on a walk, a hit, and an error. Then a double, plus a 2-base error allowed all four runners (bases loaded plus the batter) to score. All unearned. Then a hit batsman and a double scored another run before the third out was scored. After 1½ Augusta 6, Catfish 0

6:40 PM
A walk by DH Chris Westervelt. A double by Ryan Carter. After a fly out, Westervelt scored on a fielder's choice. After 2: Augusta 6, Catfish 1.

6:69 PM
New pitcher for the Catfish: RHP Brandon Weeden.

Two walks caused no damage. Augusta stranded two.

Bottom of the inning, Catfish down in order. After 3: Augusta 6, Columbus 1.

7:20 PM
Nothing doing for Augusta in the 4th.

The Catfish loaded the bases in the bottom of the 4th but stranded all three. After 4: Augusta 6, Columbus 1.

7:30 PM
A home run in the 5th, plus a couple of hits gave Augusta an 8-1 lead after 5½.

7:44 PM
Osiris Matos now pitching for Augusta.

The Catfish threatened, but stranded two in the bottom of the 5th. After 5: Augusta 8, Columbus 1.

8:06 PM
Augusta strands one in the top of the 6th after scoring one. No further damage.

Columbus did nothing in the bottom of the inning. After 6: Augusta 9, Catfish 1.

8:17 PM
Augusta added another run in the 7th. A 9-run lead and lacidasical baserunning kept it from being more.

A base hit in the bottom showed a spark of fighting back. But the other 12 hits never came. Final: Augusta 10, Catfish 1.

What? Only seven innings? Yep. And no, it's not the 10-run rule in effect. It's a double-header tonight. And in the SALly league, that means 7-inning games.

That also means, more Live-Blogging the Columbus Catfish baseball! Woo-hoo!

8:52 PM
In the second game, despite allowing a runner to make it to third, the Catfish shut down Augusta. After ½: Catfish 0, Augusta 0.

9:03 PM
Columbus punched two across in the bottom of the first. After 1: Catfish 2, Augusta 0.

9:16 PM
Augusta got its first hit of the game. A triple. But because of two walks, it was a 2-run triple. But that was all the damage done. Middle of the second: Catfish 2, Augusta 2.

9:22 PM
Three up. Three down. After 2: Catfish 2, Augusta 2.

9:31 PM
Augusta stranded runners on the corner without scoring. Middle of the 3rd: Catfish 2, Augusta 2.

9:36 PM
The Catfish go down in order. After 3, Catfish 2, Augusta 2.

9:44 PM
Augusta doesn't go quietly, but they do go down without scoring, stranding a runner who reached on an error. Middle of the 4th: Catfish 2, Augusta 2.

9:50 PM
Catfish go down in order again. The Augusta pitcher has struck out 8 in a row. Wow. After 4: Catfish 2, Augusta 2.

10:11 PM
A single, an error, two stolen bases, a walk, a hit batsman, and a wild pitch gave Augusta the lead. And, after another free pass, a new pitcher for the Catfish. Blake Johnson, who started 17 games this season but has pitched out of the bullpen lately, came in. Johnson is one of four Catfish pitchers with a complete game. By the time the inning was done, four runs had crossed the plate. Middle of the 5th: Augusta 6, Catfish 2.

10:16 PM
The Catfish went down in order. Only one strike-out, but the Augusta pitcher now has 10 overall. He's on tonight. And that's bad news for the Catfish. After 5: Augusta 6, Catfish 2.

10:33 PM
An unearned run in the 6th increased the Augusta lead. Abenis Castillo, who has been shaky lately, is now on in relief. Two errors brought the Catfish total for the night up to six, which ties a season high. Middle of the 6th: Augusta 8, Catfish 2.

10:38 PM
The Catfish went down in order in the bottom of the 6th. After 6: Augusta 8, Catfish 2.

10:46 PM
Augusta stranded a base-runner in the 7th. No damage. Middle of the 7th: Augusta 8, Catfish 2.

10:55 PM
The Catfish went down in order. Again. Augusta pitcher Ben Thurmond set down the last 19 batters he faced on his way to a 7-inning completer game win.

Final: Augusta 8, Catfish 2.

Gosh, I sure picked a heckuva night to try this, didn't I.

But, that's baseball.

Tomorrow, the score's 0-0.

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