Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A farewell Elvis

I've been busy at work this week. School starts tomorrow and my job
is computer labs so I had to get all of them ready, which means I
worked through the weekend and 12+ hour days yesterday and today.

Which is a whiny way of saying I was hardly able to post as much as I'd hoped while Basil was gone! In honor of his return from the land of Elvis (and Spok) and before I'm off and on my way, I thought I'd devote my last post to Elvis the Robo-Cat:

Elvis the Robo-Cat is a housecat who lost the use of his rear legs in a
traffic accident. His owner, an amateur roboticist, has built him a
motorized platform that Elvis controls by means of his front paws in
order to move around the house.

Watch the video by the roboticist Comedy Central, it's great. (And I believed it was true -- now that's gullible!)

With that, and until next time, thanks Basil for inviting me. Thanks again to all of you for those comments to Joseph! (We're moving the furniture back in tomorrow.) And thanks everyone for reading me...

Ciao for now!

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