Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Autobiography of Evil Glenn

A Filthy LieWord is that Evil Glenn will be publishing a biography soon. The Alliance members were assigned the task of finding out information about it.

My research indicates that it's not just a biography, but an autobiography. And, true to InstaPundit style, ... well, here's an excerpt:
The Author's Reasons for undertaking the present Work — A Dissertation upon Vanity — Some Account of his Ancestors — He discovers that he is the youngest Son of the youngest Son for five Generations — Young Reynolds is at first destined for the Church — His Father soon after takes him from School and emplys him as an Assistant in making Candles, Etc. — He is desirous of being a Sailor — Some Account of his youthful Frolicks —  Becomes greatly attached to Blogs — Is bound Apprentice to a Printer — Begins to study Composition — Adopts a vegetable Regimen — And is extremely fond of Disputation. Indeed.

I'm not sure I'll read the whole thing.

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