Friday, August 19, 2005

Support Your Local Mascot

Would somebody explain to me why one ethnic group is more important than another ethnic group? Or maybe that's not the problem. Maybe I just don't have a clue about anything.

But here's what I see. Several colleges and universities have mascots and team nicknames that are based upon groups of people. Several have mascots and team nicknames that are based upon other things.

Since I was born and raised in Georgia, I'll start with those teams.

The University of Georgia is the Bulldogs. Georgia Tech is the
Yellow Jackets. Georgia Southern is the Eagles. Those are the big three
football teams in division 1 (1-A & 1-AA). A dog, an insect, and a

Alabama's biggest (but not only) schools are the University of
Alabama Crimson Tide and the Auburn University Tigers. Named after mud (really!) and a big cat.

But then there's Florida. The biggest schools are the University of
Florida Gators, the University of Miami Hurricanes, and the Florida
State University Seminoles. A reptile, a tropical storm, and a group of

And there's the problem. The humans. Of course, most problems involve humans, so that's not a surprise, is it?

Anyway, some groups of American Indians haven't liked the FSU
mascot. They said it was "offensive." And they've said the same about
other schools' mascots. And now the NCAA has agreed.

But I've had the displeasure of having family members get all
excited over FSU football and have been to many of their games. Not to
support FSU, because I could care less if they never won another game.
I don't care for them at all. But, going to games with family members
more than makes up for it. So, I've been, and cheered the team on.
Unless they were playing "my team." Which they've only done a few times.

Anyway, I've been to FSU games. Their nickname, the Seminoles, is considered by some to be offensive.

Never mind that the Seminoles (the real ones, not some football team) gave permission and continue to give their blessing to FSU, and the school uses the nickname with pride.
Others seem to know what's better for the Seminoles than the Seminoles
do. And that's what really bothers me. People that don't know what's
going on sticking their noses into something that all concerned parties
are in agreement on.

I guess the NCAA takes the attitude that the silly red men don't know what's best and they must look out for them.

So, the Seminoles are okay with FSU using the nickname and the mascot, Chief Osceola.

That's beside the point that mascots and nicknames are usually
chosen as images of bravery, power, and pride. Sure, there are
exceptions. I've never understood the Richmond Spiders or the Delaware
Blue Hens. Not as images of power. But still, students and supporters
of those schools (and others) have pride in them.

Other schools, including the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux and the University of Illinois Illini, are impacted by the NCAA ruling.

If the nicknames were used in a derogatory manner, I could see why
some might be upset. But not if they are used with pride and honor.
Perhaps people with no pride and no honor don't understand that. That
would explain things.

If they protested schools calling their team the "Fried Chicken
Eating Darkies" then I'd see their point. Or the "Firewater-Drinking
Injuns" I'd see it. Or the "Fighting Irish" ...


But what's the reason for not protesting Notre Dame? Is it that the Irish don't object?

Hmmm. Well, neither do the Seminoles object to Florida State.

Maybe the protesters need to adopt a mascot that's in line with their arguments: The Cow Pies.


  1. Though not in the NCAA, I recall that the Atlanta Braves used to have Chief Knock-a-homa when they were still at the old Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. When they moved to Turner Field, he disappeared.... but if I recall, Ted and Jane tried to eliminate the Tomahawk Chop once. How rediculous is that?

  2. The injuns aren't complaining because they've been subjected to so many years of oppression by us pale faces that they don’t know what’s good for them any more.

  3. sincityq:
    I'm not a big fan of Ted Turner, but I don't think there was any "sensitivity" involved in the decision to remove Chief Noc-A-Homa. In 1982, the Braves opened the season with a 13-game winning streak and eventually won their division. That year's attendence more than tripled (nearly quadrupled) from the previous year. Turner, I always thought, removed Chief Noc-A-Homa to make room for more seats. Of course, the Braves promptly went on a 2-19 skid, so that solved the seating issue for a bit.

    I don't remember attempts to stop the chop. I do remember seeing Ted and Jane on TV trying to do the chop. Not a pretty sight.

  4. phin:
    You're right, of course. And, since they don't know what's good for them, and we know better than they do, why don't we take them all and put them in a separate area where we can watch out for them. We could call it a "reservation" or something like that. And then we could send troops out to keep an eye on them so they don't hurt themselves ...

  5. Good Stuff

    Finally, Basil says Support your local mascot. Ah yes, the PC Patrol is fighting terrorism by a pre-emptive strike against Chief Osceola. As a Cleveland Indian fan, I say replace Chief Wahoo with Chief Hindu. As they say in Vent Line: Think about it.


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