Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Headline News 2006-08-31

From ABC News:
Americans Contribute Millions for Relief
U.N. offers to handle disbursment of funds

From ABC News:
'School of the Future' Promises Next-Generation Education
Wesley Crusher graduates at top of class

From ABC News:
S.F. Man Convicted of Severing Dog's Ear
Not the same jury that acquitted Lorena Bobbitt

From ABC News:
Neb. Residents Plagued by Gibberish Calls
Howard Dean seeks funds in the Plains States

From ABC News:
College Posts Sex-Assault Ads in Urinals
"Have you seen this penis?"

From ABC News:
Chicago Mayor Apologizes for Corruption
Richard J. Daley, Jr. promises: "I'll clean this town up, I swear on my father's grave!"

From ABC News:
Poll: Bush Approval at a Career Low
Not expected to seek third term

From ABC News:
First land animals may have shuffled not walked
Much like Michael Moore

From ABC News:
Woman sues over harvesting of brother's brain
Hospital defends: "He wasn't using it"

From ABC News:
Coroner Trying to Link 300 Fetal Remains
Wants to set record for World's Largest Fetus

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