Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Headline News 2005-08-30

From ABC News:
Poll: 'Peace Mom' Has Changed Few Minds
The downside of being an idiot

From ABC News:
Farmer Gets 700 Replies to Cornfield Ad
Most are from Nigerian corn farmers wanting to export 26,000,000 bushels of corn

From ABC News:
Ostrich Gets Loose on Golden Gate Bridge
This time people stopped, unlike when Susan Estrich got loose on the bridge

From ABC News:
Vet: Dead Rabbit Looks Like a Jackalope
Vet still has never Kippled

From ABC News:
Bush Cancels Vacation to Focus on Relief
Gulf states get relief from hurricane, rest of country gets relief from "Cindy Sheehan."

From ABC News:
Interactive: A Closer Look at John Paul II
Beginning to show signs of decay

From ABC News:
World's Oldest Person Dies in Netherlands
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Calif. to bar state-funded Viagra to sex offenders
Bill to face stiff opposition

From CNN:
Democrat to ask Roberts about torture memo
Roberts offers to demonstrate

From Reuters:
Mayor criticized for welcoming S&M festival
Responds: "I'm a naughty mayor and I need to be spanked!"

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