Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Chain Of Command

I've read and watch and listened to about all I really want to read, watch, or listen to regarding Cindy Sheehan and her opposition to our troops.

What's that? She doesn't oppose our troops? Well, I got news for you. Her opposition to the Commander-In-Chief of our troops is opposition to our troops. And if you oppose the Commander-In-Chief of troops, you're opposing our troops.

Now, don't get your panties in a wad. Just yet, anyway. If you don't like the President's policies regarding tax cuts, that's not opposing the Commander-In-Chief. If you oppose the President's policies regarding oil and engery, that's not opposing the Commander-In-Chief. If you oppose the President's nominee to the Supreme Court, that's not opposing the Commander-In-Chief.

But, if you oppose his actions as Commander-In-Chief, you're opposing the troops.

You see, in the military, there's this little thing called a chain of command. Let's take an Army soldier with the rank of Specialist. He's got a chain of command. His Squad Leader, usually a Sergeant, is the first link in chain. Then the average Specialist has a platoon leader, usually a Lieutenant. Then, there's a Company Commander, usually a Captain. Then, there's a Battalion Commander, usually a Lieutenant Colonel. Then a Brigade Commander, usually a Colonel. Next is a Division Commander, usually a Major General. Then a Corps Commander, usually a Lieutenant General. Then an Theatre Commander, usually a General. Next is the Army Chief of Staff, usually a General. Then the Secretary of the Army, a civilian. Then the Secretary of Defense, a civilian. The the Commander-In-Chief, which, according to the U. S. Constitution, is the President of the United States.

In the military, the Chain of Command is important. Extremely important. Life and death important. If you've served, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, go find a soldier and talk to him. He'll explain it. But understand that the Chain of Command is critical to the success of any Army. You break the chain, you break the Army.

So, if you want to oppose the President's domestic or foreign policies, fine. Knock yourself out. Hey, I don't agree with everything George W. Bush says and does. But when it comes to leading our troops, he's the Commander-In-Chief. If you want to oppose his policies regarding the war, fine. Do it in a respectful manner, and not like these crazies:

Idiots and traitors all.

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