Monday, July 10, 2006

Headline News 2006-07-10

From Reuters:
Canada tests for new case of mad cow disease
Oprah visits Alberta

From Reuters:
NASA says shuttle Discovery looking good
Thinks it's sexy

From Reuters:
Mexico leftist says videos prove election fraud
Bush blamed

From Reuters:
Saddam lawyers boycott closing stage of trial
Saddam undecided on boycotting execution

From Reuters:
No survivors in Pakistan plane crash
Nothing to live for

From Reuters:
Rumsfeld in Tajikistan, focus on Afghan drug trade
Got to have his fix

From Reuters:
McGovern praises Canada on Vietnam draft dodgers
Gives Bill Clinton "Lifetime Achievement Award"

From Reuters:
Limo driver gets big tip from rider -- a kidney
Didn't have change for a lung

From Reuters:
Fugitive otter recaptured after month on the run
Was searching for one-armed badger

Frolm Reuters:
China launches Web site to teach Chinese offers free classes

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