Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Headline News 2006-07-19

From ABC News:
Man Accused of Blinding Wife With Carrot
Bruce Springsteen rewrites song

From Reuters:
Pope Benedict writing book on Jesus
Bible not enough

From ABC News:
Python Gulps Queen-Size Electric Blanket
The Michael Palin Diet debuts

From KERO:
Buena Vista Lake may breed West Nile Virus
Has asked for permission since 2003

From KGTV:
Goats munch away fire hazard
ZZ Top guitarist loses hair, beard

From CNN:
Term ends with a bang
Ginsberg lives up to reputation

From CNN:
Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock to tie the knot
Easier on the wrist than handcuffs

From Reuters:
Warner Bros. takes on China's movie pirates
Files suit over "Jack Spallow"

From NY Times:
Report on Chicago Police Torture Is Released
Army to recruit in Windy City

From NY Times:
He Was a Teenage Spy, Surrounded by Treacherous Adults
George Bush's childhood revealed

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