Friday, July 21, 2006

Headline News 2006-07-21

From WHIO:
Possible serial tree chopper sought
George Washington on the run

From CNN:
Blacks who fought in Revolutionary War recognized
Were easy to spot among all those White guys

From CNN:
Saudi Arabia promises to revise textbooks
U.S. to be called "Satan" not "Great Satan"

From Reuters:
Dog-cooking, tree-taking school-burner may lose job
Told joke that offended someone, faces firing

From Reuters:
Runaway circus kangaroo on the loose in Ireland
Sylvester Cat to attempt to capture

From ABC News:
Like a Party, Only the Guest of Honor Is Dead
Abe Vigoda honored

From ABC News:
Bad-Tempered Parrot Leaves a Bloody Clue
Parrot not dead after all

From NY Times:
Lesbian Judge Fights Chilean Court for Taking Her Children
Bush blamed

From Boston Globe:
Paper details failed human cloning attempts
Michael Moore explained


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  2. Satan instead of Great Satan. That made me laugh. lol

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