Monday, July 24, 2006

Headline News 2006-07-24

From CNN:
Sweltering New York seeks clues to blackout
Power failure suspected

From CNN:
Man accused of poisoned handshakes is acquitted
Meant to poison milkshakes

From CNN:
Democrats: Stem-cell veto was cynical politics
Add that opposing war for political gain isn't

From CNN:
Microsoft confirms 'iPod Killer'
Charges filed

From KSAT:
Town reacts to mayor's child sex charges
Prefer old mayor who didn't charge for child sex

From CNN:
Mystery of explosive star solved
Al Qaeda astronomer claims success

From ABC News:
Man Finds $21K in Bonds, Gets $100 Reward
Price of steroids rises

From ABC News:
Microsoft ready to do the robot
Hires Glenn Reynolds

From ABC News:
Timberlake Says He Still Roots for Spears
Invents new euphamism for masturbation

From ABC News:
Former Spokane, Wash. Mayor West Dies
Quahog, RI in mourning

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