Saturday, June 4, 2005

Brunch: 6/4/2005

Try one of these specials with your weekend brunch:


  1. Hey, Basil, no trackback link on the post.

  2. Now Basil, you KNOW I am not that smart to leave a trackback. I have a little ditty about the Rainbow parties at my place, come have a looksee.

  3. a4g:
    Sorry about that. I accidentally unchecked the "accept trackbacks" box when I set up the post. What can I say? I'm a dumbass.

  4. Tish:
    Sorry about that. Like I said, I'm a dumbass, and left the trackback link off, and never noticed until now.

    I assume this is the post to which you wanted to link.

  5. I was referring to ME being a dumbass, not you. ANywho, yes that is the post if you like it. Have a great weekend!

  6. Basil - appreciate the linkage bro! Everybody loves free music, so thanks for helping to spread the word.

    But man, Heckor?

  7. Hector Vex:
    I've been fighting something the last couple of days and medications don't do me good at all. So, I'm now a double-dumbass because of this post. Sorry.

  8. Disastrous Attempt At Catblogging, Week 3

    All right, after the first two disastrous posts, I'm giving cat blogging one last try. Here we go.

  9. Well, it may be a pyrrhic victory, but dammit, I was determined to trackback to this post.

    Oh well, it's never too late for brunch.


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