Friday, June 3, 2005

Headline News: 6/3/2005

From WRAL:
Police Investigate Pharmacy Robberies
Suspect is described as a Walgreens

From WDIV:
Man allegedly bites off bar owner's finger
Wendy's was closed

From KSAT:
Billboards ask teens to wait on sex
Teens respond: "Yeah, we're right on top of that"

From ABC News:
Nepalese Climbers Wed Atop Mount Everest
Grooms friends said he had to be high to marry her, proven correct

From ABC News:
Restaurant Offers Toilet Bowl Servings
Do not order the "Number Two Special"

From ABC News:
Man Fearing Heart Attack Charged With DUI
Now he fears heart attack and prison rape

From ABC News:
Police Say Man Stealing Gas Used Lighter
Lighter flame was bright, man wasn't

From ABC News:
Pope John Paul's 'shadow' named Krakow archbishop
Wendy Darling captured it during Pope's last visit

From ABC News:
Scientists to Breed 'Test Tube' Sharks
Spokesman: "Hey, what could go wrong?"

From ABC News:
Scientists Study How to Tell T. Rex's Sex
Suspect the one that laid the eggs was the female


  1. Headline Funny for 6-04-05

    well, that's the news for tonight! for more headline humor, check out basil, Moe, and Dane.

  2. As for the "theme" restaurant, I suppose they offer Kopi Luwak coffee, too.


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