Monday, August 8, 2005

Breakfast: 8/8/2005

Try one of these specials with your breakfast:

Sorry breakfast is late, I got tied up and all of the pop tarts basil has laying around are out of date.

  • Sadie (Original version) announces the guest lineup while she's away getting married (Where is basil again this week????).

  • The Wizard has been spying.

  • Chrissy got nailed.

  • Velociman says he's quit clowning around.

  • Sadie (LLama Butcher version) sets the tone for things to come.

  • Beth wants to be ignored (no problem I'm not paying attention today anyhow.)

  • Nickie discusses the dems new strategy.

  • Steve is speechless (almost) for once.

  • Vinnie can't believe it (neither can I, I thought basil had the market cornered on preteen searches).


  1. The Real Scandal At Err America

    While the right understandably concentrates on the Err America scandal, there is something bigger going on here. As people in West Virginia know all too well, "charities" and government programs can become corrupted. Their boards are big and filed with...

  2. My First Hate Mail

    Someone has decided to take the time to write me a hate mail. It’s not the best hate mail I’ve ever seen written to a blogger, but give me time and maybe someone of real literary talent will write me one.


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