Sunday, August 7, 2005

Brunch: 8/7/05

Try one of these specials with your supper:

  • Kitten says this is then end. (We bid you a fond farewell WSK).

  • Chrissy has a mess of messes on her hands.

  • Steve has family history advice.

  • Sigmund, Carl and Alfred say the natives are restless.

  • Pixy Misa designs an intelligent posts, or is that posts on intelligent design?

  • Eric discusses the blogging community.

  • The Colossus discusses poll dancing.

  • LMC discusses liberal talk radio.

  • Mustang23 offers tips for departing soldiers.

  • WitNit sings of his favorite blogs.

  • Laurence is talking to cats about cats.


  1. Mooove Over Autos: New Global Warming Threat Ruminates in California

    Listen up: a new and insidious Global Warming threat looms:
    In San Joaquin Valley, Cows Pass Cars as Polluters
    Therefore: we must thwart this grave environmental threat:

    Boycott dairy products.
    Eat meat.
    Explode a cow.
    Remember: Only YOU can...

  2. Reverend Phelps Disease Spreading

    A mother of a fallen soldier has taken position at the ranch of the President in order to protest the death of her son.

  3. 5 Tips for Terrorists

    We all know that terrorists are an uncreative and fairly stupid lot, so I thought I would provide a few helpful tips for our jihadist friends.

  4. Thank you! Don't worry-I'll still be coming round your tank and around basil's for all my meals!

  5. Saudi Cooperation with the UK

    Before we start blaming the Saudis for the UK bombings of 7/7, it should be noted that the Saudis warned UK intelligence of the potential attacks prior.It was clear to us that there was a terror group planning an attack...

  6. Roberts Should Boycott The Hearings

    Why the hell are we going through this? As the Atlantic Monthly pointed out a full three months before any justice retired, this is a done deal. Judiciary hearings? The monthly said: Oh, just skip them.
    I agree.

  7. Sunday Morning coming down

    Even as many on the left rush to defend the NCAA decision to ban the scourge of "hostile and offensive" Native-American nicknames and mascots (against the will of the overwhelming majority of Native Americans, mind -- but no ma...

  8. Will Be the Home of our New Site!!!!

    Jp os promisinfg his fans a new site and a new car if/when he reaches 50,000. This I gotta see:

    "Seriously, since when have you known me to joke??? I mean, I can be a serious guy at times. It's bad enough you never take me seriously or complain ab...


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