Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cheney for President?

Did anyone happen to see this?

Noted journalist Bob Woodward offered his insights on topics ranging from Nixon to Bush, current political issues and the role of journalism during a speech to an overflow crowd at Paepcke Auditorium on Tuesday night... He theorized that Hillary Clinton would earn the Democratic nomination in 2008 and would run against Dick Cheney, and he rejected the likelihood of a third party being a threat to Democrats and Republicans.

My first reaction was, no way! [shameless promotion... the clickthrough's not worth the trip but maybe this time I'll ge tthe trackback right.]

But as I ponder it, even as I still think it a long shot (and I'm not talking Hillary here), maybe he will run. What say you all?


  1. Cheney should say he is running, just to "take care of" Helen Thomas ...

    PS - did the trackback work? :)

  2. Woodward is a has been... he looks at today through a lens of the 70s.

  3. No, the trackback didn't work. I've given up...


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