Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Headline News: 8/10/2005

OK ... let' try this again, with feeling!

Venezuela : So, how do you feel about Hugo Mini-Castro Chavez calling the US the "most savage, cruel and murderous empire that has existed in the history of the world"... TO THOUSANDS OF VISITING STUDENTS?
... Just a question

China : Suicide bombing, govt cover-up?
... Govt says "Hey, we are the only ones allowed to kill our citizens!"

Detroit : Fire at chemical plant
... Combustibles + Spark = BBQ!

NORAD : Bans some "insensitive" words, going all PC?
... no more "warriors" ... :
With one stroke of a pen, Adm. Keating changed my perception of the North American aerospace defense network from a high-tech and reliable weapons and intelligence command into a bunch of whimpering ___

Shot : Marc Cohn
... "Came very close to "Croaking in Memphis""  (yes, I stole that line)

Florida : Package from "bin Laden" on bus
... add some real explosive, and mark it return to sender?

Ohio : "Highway sniper" pleads guilty, going away for 27 years
... from mental problem to jail time in nuthin' flat

Kevin Smith : "The passion of the Clerks"
... My girlfriend sucked 36 ____ you know (if not, go watch Clerks!)

Democrats : Trying to talk morals
... it's like a foreign language to them!

And all I did (again) was copy entries from NIF! ... totally lame, I KNOW!
Basil STILL needs to hurry home!

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