Thursday, August 4, 2005

Headline News: 8/4/2005

From CNN:
Report: Mexico world's kidnapping capital
Zarqawi vows to retake title

From CNN:
Melissa Etheridge: I'm cancer free
Doctors report she is still a terminal moonbat

From CNN:
First wife claims Blake wanted her killed
Adds: Still jealous Blake shot new wife, not her

From CNN:
Deadly pig germ baffles experts
Dr. Julius Strangepork unable to find cure *

From CNN:
Bolton meets other U.N. ambassadors
Reports to Bush: "I can take 'em"

From CNN:
Golf Outing Allegedly Involves Strippers
Golf pro Bender B. Rodriguez says: "In fact, forget the golf!"

From CNN:
Most survive air crashes, say experts
Survey of individuals in air crashes showed all that responded to survey survived the crash

From CNN:
Bush calls Discovery astronauts
... collect

From CNN:
Geeks gather at 'Hack' conference
Largest collection of virgins since ... well ... ever

From CNN:
NYPD gives details of July 7 bombs
Report: "They went 'BOOM!'"


  1. Many Holes in One

    What I want to know is how Kim Jong-Il 'shot'.

    I also want to know how each hole was scored.

  2. Headlines for Thursday 8/04/2005

    And vsit the usual suspects, basil, moehawk, Moe, and The Capitalist for more headliney goodness!

  3. Is It Scrappleface Or Dean?

    Scrappleface headline: "After Ohio, Dems Map 50-State 'Virtual Victory' Plan"

    Howard Dean email headline: "Proof: Our 50 State Strategy Works."

  4. Bolton From the Blue

    I gotta give W his props on the recess appointment of John Bolton as Ambassador to the U.N. This could be very interesting and fun. Kira has some statments he has made previously, and Cox and Forkum have some cartoons about it. John Bolton as Darth ...


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