Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Lunch: 8/9/05

Try one of these specials with your lunch:
  • Chrissy says it's time for another good thing to come to an end (We bid you a fond farewell).
  • basil (Alliance version) says Icon do it.
  • IMAO has an IMAO deadpool running.
  • TJ provides a daily dose of news, interesting and funny.
  • Joe found Yahoo passing Google.
  • Eric lets us know that Discovery has landed.
  • Sigmund, Carl & Alfred find stoopid people in Arkansas.
  • Willian Teach feels sorry for Al.
  • Jay announces the blogburst winners.
  • Confederate Yankee has more thoughts on Cindy Sheehan.


  1. Mail Call

    I received two letters. One letter is from a man in Henry Traore, whose mother died and looking for help moving some money. The other letter is from Ellis who has informed me that I won the second prize in a lottery drawing and need to call him to cl...

  2. We don't yet trust you with the advanced options

    NIF - yet another stunning edition of everything you don't realize you need to know.

  3. Air America Latest In Lib Scandals

    Air America is only the latest liberal to plunder a publicly funded social program for private gain. It happens in West virginia all the time.


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