Monday, August 8, 2005

No Jihad For You!

Iraq (AP)
- U.S. Marines discovered a car bomb factory Monday in a
western Iraqi town near where 20 members of the American unit were
killed last week, the U.S. military said.

vehicles rigged with explosives were found in the hideout in the
northern part of Haqlaniyah, one of a cluster of towns in western Anbar
province long believed to be a stronghold of Iraqi insurgents and
foreign fighters.

"All of the rigged vehicles were destroyed and secondary explosions were observed by the Marines," a Marine statement said.

This is distressing news, actually.  Hundreds, perhaps thousands of hard-working blue collar members of the Jihadi Auto Workers Amalgamated Local 10 will be put out of work. 

Where is Michael Moore when you need him?  He should head to Haqlaniyah and go around pestering people trying to interview the CEO of General Jihad Motors.  He could call it "Zarqawi and Me."

I'm shocked Big Labor isn't all over this already.  Look at the outsourcing.  Car from France, bomb from Iran, splodeydope from Syria.  Someone needs to file a grievance.


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