Friday, August 12, 2005

Paris Hilton Isn't The Only Hilton That Sucks

LasvegassignNo, I'm not back from vacation. But I did find a Nextel hotspot. So, I am posting a little about this trip to Las Vegas. But, because of the situation here, I don't know if I'll get another chance. So, fear not. The wonderful guests (phin, Beth, TJ, Mad Dog Vinnie, Joe, and moehawk.) that have been keeping you entertained and informed will still be here for a few more days.

How I Got To Go To Las Vegas

My Big Sister (who's 5'4") is a huge Star Trek fan. So is her little brother. Me. But her husband isn't.

Well, she wanted to go to a big Star Trek convention (she's been to small ones, but never a large one). So, she booked a trip to Las Vegas and the Star Trek convention at the Hilton. But her husband, who isn't a Star Trek fan and is a busy, busy man, decided not to go. So, she thought of another Star Trek fan. Me. So, I'm at a Star Trek convention. In Las Vegas.

I've got a little bit to tell about some folks we met here, but that'll be later. For now, here's what we've run into here.

Stuck In The 20th Century

The Hilton, which is where "The Star Trek Experience" is located, doesn't offer wireless Internet connection. Losers.

They don't have any facilities for bloggers at all. Part of that is the blame of Hilton for being in the 20th Century. Part of that is the bunch of clowns that are putting this convention on. Creation Entertainment. They couldn't buy a clue if they were free.

When I spoke to one of the guys running the show (not the volunteers who, God bless 'em, are trying to be helpful ... except for this one guy), I could tell that it never occurred to him about bloggers. He knew what a blogger was. But it appeared to me they hadn't considered us.

The Line King

The guy who appeared to be in charge had us all line up in another room. Seems they thought another convention that was at the Hilton was leaving, but they weren't. So, whoever made the mix-up caused us to get herded into another room. Okay. Fine. We met some interesting people. And some strange people. But, when everything was finally done and the convention was about to kick off, they told us (me and my Big Sister) that we had everything and could leave.

They herded us into the room to get us out of the way. I don't like that. Not one little bit.

But, things finally started and we got to go to our seats. Which were on row 'V.' How many rows? They went to 'W.' We were on the next-to-last row.

Now, we got the second-most expensive package. And people with cheaper packages were sitting in front of us. Several rows in front of us.

Creation Entertainment has done conventions before. But, I guess they figure that it's going to sell out no matter what, so they don't care. Losers.

Viva Las Vegas

Now, I don't want to come across as this trip not being fun. It's just that the reason for the trip has been the low point.

And I'll tell you about some of the high points. Later. But it involves my Big Sister (who's 5'4") meeting some people she knew from online (not blogs, but message boards). It'd be best if she told about that. But they are wonderful people and responsible for much of the highlights of the trip.

And it involves me meeting two of my favorite bloggers. In Las Vegas. But they deserve a separate post. And they'll get one.

Oh, and the folks at the Nextel station? They are nice folks. And I'm really appreciative of what they have set up here. I wish the losers at the Hilton looked out their window and saw this place (it's like, next door). Maybe they'd think, "Hey, wireless Internet! That'd be a great thing to have!" But they won't. Because the Las Vegas Hilton sucks.

But Nextel rocks!


  1. Friends of Blatherings

    Thank you for being a friend of “Blatherings”. “Neddy’s Palaver” is the new name and the new address is Apologies if I have already sent this to you.


  2. Sorry to hear that the folks at Creation Entertainment can't put on a show. I'll be interested to hear more. But as to the Hilton, I have a Hilton story from Las Vegas to share with you.

    I was booked into the Flamingo Hilton for the National Association of Broadcasters convention. I arrived on Saturday for my 5 night stay and found, much to my chagrin, that they had my reservation down for the Flamingo Hilton in Laughlin, NV!

    They put me out on the street that night, and I stayed in some dive that was the definiton of horrendous. The remainder of my stay was back at the Hilton so I was out just that one night, but that was bad enough.

    At the time, there was no such thing as wireless internet. I can't believe that there is a hotel in Las Vegas without it. Rather, I would have expected them to charge you and arm and a leg for it!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip; I'll look forward to reading about it when you're back.

  3. I totally recommend REAL wireless ... e.g. - Verizon EV-DO cards. Been happy with mine so far, and I bet in LV you'd get the broadband hook-up!

    (Failing that, you'd get the non-broadband-hookup - still wireless and a bit faster than dial-up)


  4. Oh yeah - Good to hear from you, sorry they are making the convention sux0r ... now hurry back; with Phin "out-of-pocket" the rest of us are (supposed to) post more ...


  5. aTypical Joe:
    From what I can tell, those that do offer wireless Internet do charge a lot for it. But the Las Vegas Hilton doesn't even do that.

    To be fair, they do have a business center where, for 99 a minute you can log on, but nothing for my poor laptop.

    But Nextel lets me use theirs for free. And they'll let me use their computers if I didn't have mine. Like I said, Nextel rocks.

    Oh, I'll probably rant a little more about that group of losers called Creative Entertainment. Or my Big Sister will.

    I don't have any experience with those. I'm going to check a little more into that stuff. Buy, heck, I only got my first laptop two years ago, so I'm a little behind the times anyway. However, since I'm so far behind everything, I figure if I have it, the high-priced hotels should accomodate it.


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