Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Somebody's Birthday

White Trash Wednesdays
Well, Basil's gone off to a Star Trek convention. He didn't even invite me to go.


Anyways, enough about him. I'm still ticked off him not inviting me to go. So, I'm going to write about someone else.

You know that he's got three sisters. There's the Big Sister, the Little Sister, and the other Little Sister who's older than the Little Sister but younger than Basil. She's always been mean, so they call her the Mean Sister.

What makes her so mean? I wish I knew. Maybe they pick on her. But not as bad as they always picked the Little Sister. But, the thing that makes her so mean is she don't like getting old. And she is getting old. In fact, today, she's older than she was yesterday.

Yep, the odometer has rolled over today, and she's celebrating her birthday. It ought to be a big today for the family.

They're having a pool party ...

... including a kiddie pool for the young 'uns.

And they're having a birthday cake.

Me and the old lady have give her something she's been wanting for a bit: a new car alarm.

Well, that's the plan anyway, if we can get it all worked out. But, with the planning ability in her family, we'll be able to get our ducks in a row and it'll be great!

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